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Jun 8, 2015

Would you believe that even on baby number four I am still finding new products to obsess over? I thought I had all my favorites lined up and ready to go to use for Odette. But I have found even more breastfeeding products to love this time around. I posted about some of my favorites with the other kids in this post, and this one, but fourth times a charm right?
It's no secret that I love trying new products, this obsession doesn't start and stop with fashion trends and beauty extends into the world of breastfeeding as well!

First up, Bun Maternity nursing tank. I mentioned before how much I love this brands nursing t-shirts, but I decided to try the tank top out as well. The best!! It snaps up near the shoulders, and has a layer of fabric underneath, so it makes breastfeeding at the park pretty discrete! They come in a bunch of different colors, and are the prefect layering piece under a blazer, or button up.

Nipple cream. I thought I had this department all figured out until a nurse at the hospital told me about the Motherlove cream. She told me they sold it in the boutique at the hospital so I sent Chris to grab some before we departed. This stuff is kind of magical, and it is all natural! Reading the label, there is nothing that you cannot pronounce, so you know exactly what it is made out of and that it's completely safe to use. I swear I had less cracking and this cream helped to soften everything up so it was easier for Odette to nurse. Breastfeeding moms honor...this stuff is amazing!

Up until now I used the disposable nursing pads, which are great! I decided to try out the washable kind, and I really love this brand Bamboobies. The pads are ultra thin!! Not bulky and thick like the disposable ones. They also do not show through a nursing bra. Even though they are thin, they are still super absorbent. The overnight ones work great as well. Easy to clean, and reuse!

How I had my manual breast pump and never saw these quick clean bags is beyond me! This is the type of short cut I need in my life. I haven't been pumping like crazy with Odette since she seems to eat all the time right now. But in the beginning it was so easy to use my pump and then sanitize all the parts with these bags. Took me four kids to find them, but I am glad I did!

Surely all burp cloths are the same right? Wrong, well kind of wrong. I have so many burp cloths it is insane. But a friend of mine told me about these ultra soft burp cloths by Baby Kicks, of course I ordered some and am now forever changed. They are sooooo soft! They are really absorbent as well. They wash great and come out just as soft as before. I keep meaning to order more of their products, I'd like to try out the wash cloths, and wipes as well. 

How many nursing bras does one mom need? Not many once you find some good ones. I have sworn by the Cake nursing bras with all the other kids, but this time around my boobs got ginormous and my usual bras were just a little tight. I ran to Target to remedy this situation and found these bras. I am extending my allegiance to them. Now that my milk supply has seemed to regulate itself and my boobs have lost some square footage, I got a couple more to get me through these breastfeeding days. These are so stretchy and supportive even without an under wire. I like the cut and shape of them, so I can still wear v-necks. They hold their shape really well and do not warp at all when you wash them. Not to mention the price is pretty appealing. 

I know I know so many of you are going to say "but where oh where is your nursing pillow?". And to tell you the truth I have never found one that I could get comfortable with. Trust me I have tried a few, and just like the whole pregnancy pillow thing I  threw the idea out the window. I use a good old pillow and we are milking just fine. 

Tell me some of your nursing must haves! Have you tried any of these? 


  1. Everyone is definitely different with things they use, I know my sister lived by a nursing pillow but not everyone can get comfortable.

    1. Ya, everyone swears by the nursing pillow. I gave it a shot...but it was always too high, or too low, or I just didn't remember to bring it from room to room. Too much for me.. LOL ;)

  2. Curious, have you tried Bravado nursing bras, and, if so, how would they compare to Cake / Target? I was a diehard Bravado fan but with Targets' price I could get 3 for the price of 1 Bravado, so curious how they would compare.

    1. The only one I have tried was the Bravado sleep bra, and I got it when I had Ace. So probably not the best comparison to these bras. I don't like an underwire while I'm nursing, so the Target and Cake bras both seem to provide enough support without one.

  3. This is all new territory to me! I've never made it past four months so I'm like ohhhhhh. Reusable pads!?! Mine are like you say uber bulky and yuck. And nursing tanks are my life but it's too hot!!!

  4. I have never used washable nursing pad, such a good idea. Myabe if I have a baby number 5! lol



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