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Jun 1, 2015

Hello Monday! What better way to start off the week than with a little beauty haul? I haven't done one of these in a couple months, so the amount of products was kind of large that I didn't want to bombard you with my insanity. So I picked my favorites. I was thinking of breaking it up, so if you want to see the other products let me know! But here are the most recent that I am loving!
Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks- Go ahead and throw away all the other lipstick you own. Okay, maybe not, but these are SO good! They are so creamy, highly pigmented, and long lasting. I am completely obsessed and on a misson to own every single one!  

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation- This is my new go-to foundation! A friend of mine who also recently had a baby introduced me to this. She was wearing it and her skin just looked to luscious and dewy. She told me about this and I immediately went to Target to get it. I have been using it ever since. I got the dewy formula, there is also a matte. If you have dry skin I would go for the dewy, and if you have oily skin go for the matte. It is FLAWLESS! It can totally stand up to the higher end foundations that I have. I would recommend setting this foundation with a power just to get it to last a little longer. But I am loving it, and I love the price point even more!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish- Have you seen these polishes on the end caps near the checkout at Target? Well next time you are there pick one or two up! They are only $1.99 and I want them all. The color options seem pretty endless, but I have been getting the more solid colors rather than the sheer. Two coats and good to go!

Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara- I was sent this mascara and a couple other products from Covergirl, and this is what I am loving most! I am a mascara junky. I will try any and all once. This one is a great base layer for me. I like my lashes a little on the thicker side, so I do multiple coats. I start with this one because the wand is very unique and really gets to the base of your lashes, then I follow up with Benefits Roller Lash Mascara

Redken Windblown 05- Holy volume batman! If dry shampoo and volumizing spray had a baby, it would be this stuff! It is amazing. Totally lives up to its name "windblown". I have been using it as a finishing spray after I curl my hair, and it makes it appear so thick! And the smell is like no other, delicious! The spray is something I need right now considering I am losing handfuls of hair by the minute. Damn postpartum hormones!! 

Hydrator Plus- This moisturizer was recommended to me after I got this facial. I came right home and ordered it, and I have been really liking the results. I put it on in the mornings after I wash my face just so I have some sun protector on during the day. At night I have been using some oil, and my Aesop moisturizer. This does a really good job of keeping my face moist during the day, and it seems to pair well underneath my makeup as well. 

Archipelago Botanicals Body Butter- So, I ran out of my beloved Egyptian Magic lotion and went to Costco to get some more, they were out! Cue the panic attack for the OCD moisturizing freak in me!! I figured I could just order some from Amazon, but what would I do in the meantime? So I ran to Ulta and tried about 15 different moisturizers and picked this one. I am really really liking it!! I will warn you, it is THICK! So if you don't like the feeling of a lot of moisturizer on your skin, this is not the cream for you. If you happen to not mind the feeling, and you can wait a minute or two for it to sink in, then I can promise you you will love this stuff. Not to mention it smells amazing!! So I have been using this in the mornings, and lathering on the Egyptian Magic at night after I take a shower. My skin is in baby soft moisturizing heaven.

That is all I have for the moment.....have you bought anything new lately? Let me know!


  1. Are the nail polishes really only $2?! I had no idea and they've always held up really well when I've used them!

  2. I love that mascara!!! Definitely one of my favorites.

  3. I find that cheap nail polish can be the best kind of nail polish.

  4. Okay so this post is doing 0% good for my "save ALL the money" mentality right now. I'm a mascara addict--it makes my face look like a human! I need to try the Redken, too! I tease my hair to Jesus daily (my poor, sweet hair) and I'm convinced this is going to give me the lift I always want!



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