talk to me kids...

Jun 30, 2015

As much attitude as my kids throw my way, they make up for it in making me laugh. Their raw honesty never gets old...unless of course they are commenting on my struggle to get into a pair of jeans. Other than that, I quite enjoy the little gems they throw my way. From my house to your screen....
Pierce walking around with his shirt up and a dinosaur attached to his nipple.
Me: Pierce what are you doing?
Pierce: Feeding my dinosaur, what else?

Chris leaving for work:
Ace: Bye, make that money Dad!!

While driving to a trail for a hike:
Ace: do you guys know how to read a map? (looks at map upside down) I gotta learn to read!
Ace: mom there are only six people in the world. Is that a lot?
Me: six people? No that's not a lot.
Ace: okay...what about 162?
Me: one hundred and sixty two people in the whole world? I think there might be more.
Ace: okay....what about 151. 12. 3. and 10.
Me: yea that's a lot.
Ace: see I knew it. I'm like a genius.

While making breakfast one morning:
Me: Pierce, I think your underwear are on backwards.
Pierce: No they not. The tunnel goes in the back!
Chris: The tunnel? What's the tunnel?
Pierce: the TUNNEL!!!!! You know this part (pointing to the little underwear opening).
Me: Oh, but I think that goes in the front.
Pierce: NO! No, the tunnel goes on the butt.
Ace: So mom, how tall are you?
Me: 5 foot 4 inches.
Ace: Whoa! How much does that weigh?
Me: Well it weighs a lot more right about now!

When the temps were higher than normal, and there is no AC in the house:
Ace: Whew! It is hot in here! I need to take off my clothes for real!

Pierce picks up a J Crew catalog:
Pierce: MOM! Look in this book. These are all my girlfriends. Look look at that girlfriend, I gunna marry her with a yucky kiss!

So...who wants to come for dinner at my house?


  1. Oh my gosh the dinosaur one is awesome! hahaha too awesome!

  2. ha I love the crazy things they say! My four year old is OBSESSED with the opening in his underwear at the moment, and it makes for some uncomfortable situations lol

  3. I'd love to! Sounds hysterical! I mean. The tunnel!? They are a riot!!

  4. I am in love with your boys! So damn funny!



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