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Jun 23, 2015

This past weekend was dedicated solely to Dad activities. I mean that is what Father's Day is all about right? Well whether is was Father's Day or not, there was a marathon to be had. The Mayor's Marathon to be exact. Chris has been training for this marathon for some time now, which means our whole family has been dedicated to his success. Seems kind of crazy right? But when Chris has a goal....he must then live and breathe that goal. It is kind of a running joke in the house, because a new goal is always set (which is great don't get me wrong) which means there is a new sense of craziness added to our normal amount of chaos. 
A little back story. Our first year in Alaska, about a month after Avalon was born, and about two days before this same marathon, Chris came home and said "I am running a full marathon on Saturday". I said "well, don't people usually train for those kinds of things?" He said, "ya, but I am just going to run it". If you happen to know Chris....this mindset is not unusual. He was running it with a bunch of guys from work, just for the hell of it. So, as the supportive family that we are we made sure to get to the finish line. While also scoping out the surrounding streets looking for a dark haired man on a stretcher. Because I mean...who just wakes up and decides to run 26 miles??!!! 

He did pretty well for his first time, finishing just under three and a half hours. I remember him crossing the finish line and just seeing the sheer look of exhaustion on his face. Once he made it through the crowd he just dropped to the ground and looked at me and said "never again". I laughed so hard. His knees were so messed up after that. But once he healed he had this new found love of running. He would always describe this "runners high" that he felt while running the marathon. I as a non-runner don't know what that is. But...it must be great. 
Last year he didn't run in the marathon due to his work schedule. And to be honest marathons didn't really come up again, until after Christmas. Chris realized he was not too far off from qualifying for the Boston Marathon from his first time at a full, and then that was the new goal! To qualify for Boston. In January we did our first round of whole30 to see if what he was eating had anything to do with the inflammation in his joints. Sure enough after an overhaul of clean eating in this house he has seen a huge change in his joints, and everything. I too found so many benefits of cutting the shit out of my diet. The training began for him again. He had a whole training calendar planned out. He had a goal to get on the Army Ten-Miler team just for the added bonus of being able to run...for work. He made it on the team, which probably prepared him even more for the marathon. 

This whole time my mind is blown as he would set out in the morning for a nice "16 mile jog". I was always like....ooookay I'll just be here at home online shopping on the couch while I breastfeed. Safe to say our children will not get much athletic ability from me. Ha! 

The build up to the marathon began. The carb loading...of my heavens the freaking carb loading! It is not easy to carb load on whole30 since you can't exactly eat pasta or bread. So potatoes where cooked all.the.damn.time. The kids have requested "no more tatoes please!". 
Saturday morning came, we kissed Chris goodbye with a good luck slap on the ass, and then we watched the tracker on the computer to see when the perfect time to leave the house was. He was doing awesome! After the first few miles he was in the top 15!! After mile 16 in the top 10!! I was racing around the house trying to get the kids to cooperate with me, keep their shoes on, please finish your breakfast, does anyone have to pee? Well go stand in the bathroom until you feel the sensation to have to pee. We loaded up as my mom is texting me with Chris's split times. We race to find parking. I load all flight risk children into the stroller and speed walk to the finish line. I look at the time and see 2:23. I think we are getting close. And then we hear the crowd start cheering for the first full marathon runner to cross the line. Based on Chris's practice runs I knew we were getting close. I was nervously excited for him. The kids were fighting. No less than five people came up to me to tell me I had my hands full. And then about three runs to the porta potty and we were back in our spot at the finish line. I look at the clock and see 3:08 I am thinking, he should be here by now. A few more minutes passed and I won't lie I was getting worried. And then I saw him, pain written all over his face, his body moving slower than usual. Nonetheless we were screaming "GO DADDY GO DADDY". We battled our way through the crowd to get to him. Adrenaline still pumping, body shaking, and the look of disappointment in his face. He said "I blew it". For me I looked confused! I said " blew it? what are you talking about? You just make it in the top 30 out of almost 800 people". He said "ya, but I didn't qualify for Boston and I jacked up my leg". 
He ended up cramping on mile 21 (running that far still kind of blows my mind) and his leg cramped for about three minutes. I felt horrible for him, but also so proud that he even attempted this. The kids where beaming with pride because Dad got a medal. Don't try and tell them that everyone got a medal....they think Dad's is pretty special! Chris was bummed the whole day. Sore. Then all of a sudden I see him on his computer making arraignments for another full marathon in a few months. I was like "you can't be serious". He said "I didn't achieve my goal, so it's not over yet". 
Time will tell if it all comes to fruition. But I am just more impressed with his dedication. I love that the kids get to see his journey, and that they have him as their role model. To not quit or give up because you don't succeed the first time. 

Because if it were left to me....well....I just came home and took a two hour nap. 


  1. Awesome story! I trained for a marathon a few years ago but only got to mile 16 because I busted my knee.

    On a cranky sidenote, I trained with a lot of husband's friends (ironic since my husband can't run a mile), and in my experience, men have this incredible ability to just get up and RUN at a moment's notice. I know guys who hadn't run for months and then be like: 'Oh, I just did an 8 miles run, no biggie" and I run 3 miles 3 times a week and can barely get to 8 miles. NOT FAIR. (rant over)

  2. Haha! I remember saying never again after my first marathon and now I'm running another.

    1. You are my hero when it comes to running!! You make all the marathons look so fun!

  3. that's pretty awesome! I feel tired just thinking about that much cardio.

  4. Seriously, I always tell my husband I don't run unless I'm running for my life. ha ha I do like to watch my hubby run in marathons though!

  5. That is so crazy that he finished that first marathon so fast without any training, holy crap. And my heart is hurting for him for feeling so down about not reaching his goal on Saturday, it's so hard when you put so much time and energy into training for a race and something goes wrong. It can be devastating!

    That being said, I think it's amazing that he's so dedicated and is already signed up for his next try. Qualifying for Boston is no joke, and it sounds like he has the determination to make it happen! I will be rooting for him! PS that sleeping picture is precious! I miss my little sleepy baby!!!

    1. My heart absolutely broke for him! I knew how much he sacrificed to get to where he was. And he practiced running the full with the time to qualify for Boston, so to not have that happen was so so sad. But he is amazingly persistent so I know he will get there! :)

  6. Oh poor Chris!!! That's so very frustrating. The time and energy it takes. Wow. And to just jump back in the saddle like that? Go him. Seriously. And yeah the runner's high is pretty awesome.



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