Double Braid Tutorial

Jul 16, 2015

A couple weeks ago I posted this double braid concoction on my instagram, and a couple people asked how to do this thing so I thought a simple tutorial was in order. This really is so simple, and I have no idea how I ended up on it, other than trying to get the appearance of a really thick braid. You will laugh at how simple this is....
I always recommend dirty hair when trying to start a braid at your roots. Also dry shampoo is a life saver if you want to add a little grit to it, I use this one by Batiste. Another product you want to throw in is a little texturizing spray, this will get everything to stick while you're  braiding. I used Redken Windblown.  Just spray all over and brush through before you start.

So, start with your hair parted to the side, you want a pretty deep side part going on here. Then dutch braid to about your ear. Dutch braiding is basically a backwards french braid. Instead of wrapping each strand of hair on top of one another, you want to wrap them behind. This gives it the appearance of a raised braid on top of your head. 

Once you get to your ear, stop adding hair to your braid and just finish it all the way down. 
Once you have secured it with an elastic, go through and pull apart the pieces carefully so the braid is bigger and fuller at the top. 

Next grab the rest of your hair on the bottom and just begin to do a regular braid all the way down. 
Now you should just have two braids hanging from your head. Go ahead and run some errands like this if you would like. 

Or, you can grab the bottom braid and split it apart at the top. Create a nice little hole to fit your top braid through. The braids should then be stacked on top of one another. You can secure them with a new elastic, or just use of the the ones from the braids you have. 
End result should look something like this! Not hard at all. I think the hardest part is figuring out the dutch braid situation. I learned how to dutch braid on my horses many many moons ago. You could also just do a regular french braid to begin with as well. So many options to play around with.

If you have any questions, or want me to do tutorials on other hairstyles, I am always open to it. I'm not sure if it would be easier if I did video tutorials or these step by steps. Let me know your thoughts. Which do you prefer? I know for me sometimes I don't have time to sit through a video....

But you....yes you...lemme know!


  1. Vlogs please. This looks amazing but hair is not my thing and it takes me a while to catch on.

    1. Okay, I can't promise they would be any good...but I will give it a go ;)

  2. What I would like is for you to come style me and braid my hair. Just kidding..kind of. In all honesty, braids are my go-to for the mop on my head. There's no other way to deal with 1-week dirtiness. Plus the salt air adds a little extra flavor ;)

  3. I could go cross eyed trying to figure out that Dutch situation as you call it. And yes I think the two braid errand look is totally in.

  4. You need to come do my hair everyday haha!



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