fresh veggies and muddy kids

Jul 20, 2015

The plan over the weekend was to head back out to the farm to pick ourselves a nice big helping of fresh veggies. But since we are trying to limit the dirty factor for our one armed wonder Pierce, we decided to postpone another round of farming. So in honor of our last adventure, and to a cast-less hand for Pierce, lets throwback Tuesday to last weekend and bombard you with a ton of pictures!
The last time we went out to the farm was almost two years ago!! Which is crazy to me when I went to link that post, because Avalon was only a few months old, and here I am wearing Odette while she is only four months old!! Time is seriously flying by with these kids. And seeing how little Ace and Pierce looked is mind blowing. Nonetheless we are here at the farm making more memories.
This farm is honestly the most gorgeous place. I don't think any picture could do it justice. For weeks leading up to last weekend I had been stalking Pyrah's website to see when they would be opening up for the picking. Once I saw lettuce and kale go up, I was rounding up the rain boots and ready to go. Produce is oddly hard to come by in Alaska. The commissary has a decent selection, but the prices aren't great. Costco is a weekly thing for us to stock up on, but I always feel like we have to eat things so quickly because their fridge life is slim. But going to Pyrah's farm you really are getting the freshest veggies, and since you are plucking them straight from the dirt they last a little longer. And the prices cannot be beat! Not to mention it is just down right fun to be out there. 
We got there right when they opened on a Saturday, and the place was empty! I cannot tell you the joy my mama heart feels when we roll up to a place and it is vacant. It's like when you pull up to the park and there is no one there. I imagine it is the same feeling you get if you win the lottery, minus of course the fact that you could then diminish your car payments. But, anyway, seeing that no one was there I gave the kids the green light to play in the mud, jump around, get dirty because we wouldn't be disturbing anyone else. 
Avalon is a novice mud player, and got stuck just about every time she would walk through it. If I walked away from her for a second she would just scream as if she was sinking in the mud. I guess she kind of was since she couldn't move. Never one to back down from a challenge, she tried and tried again to walk all the way through the mud puddle and not get stuck......better luck next time girlfriend. 
We picked and picked until the stroller was no longer available for its intended purpose. And I guess I should say Chris picked and picked, considering I just walked around and took pictures. Someone has to capture these memories!
Once we spent a few hours, and the kids were caked with mud we decided to go home and cook some kale chips (don't knock em till you try them, trust me!). We have all been eating salads multiple times a day in order to not waste an ounce of Chris' hard work. We still have some lettuce to eat, and a bag of kale to go through, so $12 well spent. 

I hope we get out there again in the next couple weeks before the back to school craziness begins. Since this is our last summer in Alaska I want to try and do all the things the kids want to do. I am glad they enjoy a little farming because I will do just about anything for food. 


  1. OMG!! Avalon's mean mug is freaking hysterical! I wouldn't have been able to help her because I would have been too busy pissing my pants laughing. I mean seriously..that muddy field just begs to be stomped around in!

  2. Oh no the dreaded words...last summer in Alaska :( dare I ask where to next? We are at Fort Carson...and after Alaska, let's just say there's no place I'd rather raise kids than AK. Your kids are hilarious, and the amount of patience you and your husband has is heroic to say the least.

    1. Oh no, don't tell me that!! I mean I know we will miss AK, but Carson was on our list of places we wouldn't mind going. But nothing could compare to Alaska...

  3. This is so cool!!! There is nothing better than stomping in muddy fields. :)

  4. that pic of avalon is ADORABLE! What a fun day, minus all the muddy laundry.

  5. so awesome! I love the pictures.

  6. This is great! I had no idea such a thing existed. Although all that mud makes me cringe a little bit. Gotta experience every last thing you can while you can! I didn't realize how little time was left before school. Too sad. And I love her being stuck. LOVE.

  7. Man, I want to visit this place! It's like a dream come true.

  8. The photo of you and Odette is stunning! I can't believe how big she's gotten! This makes me want to go out and revive our little garden.

  9. Fabulous photos and adventure for the kids!



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