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Jul 15, 2015

Safe to say life has been nothing short of insane around here lately. Like one flew over the cuckoo's nest kind of crazy. I feel like the only time I sit down and breathe is while breastfeeding, and even then I usually have to jump up and stop some kind of fight, or stop Pierce from doing something completely unsafe. 
When I found out I was pregnant with another boy after Ace I was so excited!! I thought, two boys close in age, this is going to be so fun. I was excited for Ace to have a built in best friend. I imagined that my older brother would have loved for me to be a boy to have someone to play video games with, play on the same teams growing up, all those fuzzy warm mom thoughts. BUT now I have two boys close in age, and while they are bff's 70% of the time, the other time they are all out brawling. I mean I admire their toughness. I sure as hell pray for anyone that decides to bully either one of them. But you see, there is one fundamental difference between them. Ace is the brains, and Pierce is the brawn. Not to say that Pierce isn't very smart...he is. But he is a clown. He will do anything for attention. He loves to be in the spotlight. So while Ace will think something is a fun idea, he never really executes it. He has Pierce to try all that out. I have had multiple talks with Ace about how Pierce looks up to him, how he needs to set a good example, and not tell him to do stupid things just for his own pleasure. In one ear out the other. If I turn my back for a second, there is some kind of tower being built in the living room with Ace instructing Pierce on how to climb it. There is always some kind of super hero/ villain scenario in the works. Constant wrestling, constant banging into each other, constant me loosing my shit basically. I am always told.... "boys will be boys" and how in the world is that even refreshing to hear? But, it's true. I see none of these things with Avalon. She usually gets out of the way when they start to battle. She always comes and tells me when something questionable is going down. And funny enough....they have no interest in playing like that with her. They will sit and play tea party, and babies if she asks. 
And now we are on the fast track to one broken bone a year. Last year, Ace dislocated and slightly fractured his elbow. As of now, Pierce is in a full arm cast due to two broken bones in his hand. It was just so normal how it happened with him. There we were, all of us, sitting in the living room. Me on the floor with Odette, Avalon sitting with Chris on the couch, Ace on the other end of the couch playing with a tractor. All of a sudden Pierce jumps up from the lovesac, barrels across the ottoman, and jumps like spiderman onto the ground. Only this time there was a large plastic toy that broke his fall. He screamed and jumped around like a monkey holding his hand. When I calmed him down I asked him the normal naive mom questions, "where does it hurt?" points to his whole hand. "Can you move your fingers?" wiggles fingers all around. Then he jumps up and goes to try and attempt THE SAME DAMN THING!! Chris and I stopped him, and I noticed there was a large lump on the back of his hand. I said to Chris, "do you want to take him to the ER or should I? His hand is broken". 

Two hours later he is home with a brace, x-rays in hand, and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. 

That appointment happened on Monday. Where I had to bring all four children. The woman that checked us in had a look of fear on her face as we walked toward her. A lovely old couple got up and moved across the waiting room when we sat down. A younger couple with their baby whispered not so softly about me "bringing the whole daycare". 
Once we made it into the office we saw the same pediatric specialist we saw with Ace. She remembered how crazy his appointment was with three kids, and....surprise! Another baby. She watched Pierce and how he used his hand for a little bit, and based on his running around, attempting to spin around the chairs, and just non-stop moving. She determined a full arm cast was the best way to restrict movement. Grrrrreat! She knew it was going to be harder for all involved, but the healing of the hand is most important. He has two clean breaks on his second and third metacarpal. Just like with Ace, we were told that kids heal incredibly fast, and that proved to be very true with Ace. We are hoping that when we go back in two weeks, that his bones have callused a little bit and he can be moved into a short cast. Fingers crossed he takes his energy level down a notch because right now he thinks his arm cast is a full body one and he has upped the dare devil antics.

We are all adjusting to a once independent three year old taking it back to a level of infant. It is his right hand, he is right handed. Eating is frustrating, he can't get his pants down to pee so there are accidents. He throws a fit every time he can't correctly pick something up, or unzip his backpack. And rightfully so....I'd be pissed! So there are many many other things NOT getting done because Pierce requires constant attention. I did try and throw a load of laundry in the other night and Ace wound up losing a tooth thanks to the cast formally meeting his mouth.

But like the doctor said....."this isn't the first broken bone and it probably won't be the last".

If that is true, someone send me a recommendation to a psychiatrist and a wine of the month membership! 


  1. Oh man! That's frustrating! For you and him alike!
    On another note, I love reading how other people's sons and how different they are. So many of my blogs have little girls and its hard for me to relate. Aaron is incredibly physical (he's a boy, after all) but he's not a dare-devil. We still wall-mounted all of our tipsy furniture, but he's never attempted to climb or jump or any sort of heart-stopping feat. Although he's always ALWAYS on the go, just not in the spiderman way. Interesting to see how kids are so different!

  2. people are ridiculously rude :( I'm sorry about his arm! My boys are SO rowdy!

  3. Prescription for ambien please! for me and perhaps for the kids? Sleep like that is worth whatever it takes yes? Boys will be boys must be totally frustrating to hear! But you know what? My little brother was a wreck... Like a hulk type. Always into everything and anything but he is the only sibling not to have a broken bone? Bottom line. Shiz happens. That is what wine is for.

  4. I love reading about Pierce and how similar he is to Adri..! She just threw herself over the ottoman.

  5. Awe man! I hope he feels better soon!



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