Nordstrom Sale Round 2: For the kids

Jul 10, 2015

Yesterday's post was just selfishly all about me....tisk tisk tisk! When a sale comes about the people I should really have in mind are the children, and I do, riiiiight after I fill my cart with my stuff. Ha! Okay, but really, this sale is a great time to stock up on some really cute back to school stuff. I let the boys come over and sit with me on the computer to pick out things that they want, and lets just say they aren't too into shopping. Pierce obvisously wanted the ninja turtles sweatshirt, and Ace said "it's summer why do I need school clothes?" touche' buddy. Avalon asked for princess stuff....... and Odette was asleep. 

Here are the cute things I found:


  1. Cute stuff! Love the Ninja Turtle jacket.

  2. Very cute stuff!! That ninja turtle sweatshirt makes me laugh! Cant forget the kids!!



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