Jul 8, 2015

Okay, so I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little "ask me anything" post. I mean....I think it might be fun, you might think it is totally lame. But! I figure 98.56% (no real math went into that percentage) of this blog is just me talking about what I want to talk about, and you all are really great sports in leaving awesome comments, but wouldn't it be nice if I actually talked about something that interests you? 

So, let's go for it. Ask me anything, anything you want. But I must warn you though, I will answer honestly, like blunt raw honesty. This has gotten me in some trouble in my 28 years of life, but I was raised in a house full of brutally honest people, and it was actually quite refreshing because we all know the world is full of a lot of bs. This is really open to any topic, kids, military life, fashion, beauty, blogging, whatever you can come up with. So, email me, tweet me, send me a snap, or leave a comment. If you leave a comment I won't publish them so all identities are safe with me. And if you wanna be really discreet leave an anonymous comment...

Or you could just tell me this is stupid and get back to some kind of regular posting. 



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