backpack wishes and diaper bag dreams

Aug 31, 2015

Well hello Monday! You came around all too fast I must say....but there is a four day weekend in our future, so I guess you can stay.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about a backpack, a diaper bag backpack to be exact. I really truly, and logistically needed one. A couple of you lovely readers left comments about how much you loved your Lily Jade diaper bags, and the fact that they were able to convert to a backpack! I was intrigued. I have seen these bags on instagram and on other blogs, and I liked the idea of it. But then I looked at the website and read the details of these bags. They are down to the science, amazing! Why? Because they were designed by a mom! A mom that knew what she needed out of a diaper bag in order for it to work. To function at mass capacity in a cluster of kid chaos. 
lily jade diaper bag backpack

I have said it on here before, I never really liked the "look" of many diaper bags. They just their only purpose was to hold diapers. But I want a little more out of a bag. Not only to "look" nice, but actually be nice. To stand the test of time. To be tossed in the car in a hurry, or rummaged through by sticky little fingers. To have something spilled inside and still come out looking good! 
lily jade diaper bag
lily jade diaper bags

This bag is just that, and a bag of chips people. The feel of the leather is top notch. The construction of the bag is genius. The removable pouch with all of its 14 pockets is ridiculous! Ridiculously good. And, I love that the inside of the bag is a different color. The black bag with the red liner is stunning. Chris even threw in a "nice bag". 
The kids know my parenting tactics all too well, and immediately asked where the lollipops were hiding! This time I was able to really put them to work, as I hid them in all the different pockets! Ha! Is that mom humor or what? Because I found it hilarious....

The taste of victory is all too sweet for them. 
lily jade diaper bag backpack

Even though I could only get my oldest child to stay put for 2.8 seconds before he just haaaaad to scale a little hill near by, I can tell you he likes the bag as well. 

But who am I kidding? It looks good, so I love it!

lily jade diaper bags

I highly highly recommend you new mama's out there to stick these bags on your registry list. And to you seasoned moms, add this to your Christmas list, and then send me a thank you! 

Made by a mama....for a mama! 

The biggest thank you to Lily Jade for sponsoring this post! You made my diaper bag dreams come true!

emotions were running high

Aug 28, 2015

If I were a betting woman I would tell you that I probably cried more this week than I have in my 28 years on earth. Like ball on the floor, Chris pointing and laughing kind of crying. You seriously would have thought that someone died. No, no, just school started. Which for kindergarten is kind of like one door closing. My child will now be away from me for six hours a day, five days a week. I don't even think I have ever been away from Ace for six straight hours. And if you want the truth....I hate it!!! Like I absolutely effing hate it. I know that all moms need a break, and trust me, when Pierce and Ace are both gone I am actually sitting in my house like, I'm bored. Not that two kids don't still keep me busy. But it is not my normal busy. I like my normal busy. I love my normal chaos. The house is SO much more quiet. If I actually put my mind to it I could probably get a lot done, but I don't. At least this week I didn't. I watched the clock. Contemplated just picking up Ace early everyday. Pierce is only gone a couple hours and if it were up to him he would prefer to be gone much longer. Ace on the other hand just wants to be home, and I want him home.

I feel robbed. Like, it went by way too fast. Five years is just not enough, can't we start kindergarten at like eight? I hate watching him walk in the school doors with his huge over-sized backpack that almost touches the back of his knees. I cringe when I see him begin to turn around and look at me to wave goodbye. The first day I stood there for a minute like.....okay....good can come back now. Chris was laughing and said "okay seriously I have to go to work, are you just going to stand here till school is over?" and I would have if we didn't go in one car. Chris is used to being away from them for hours, days, weeks, even months at a time. Not that he ever likes it, he hates it. But he knows how to deal with it. 


Me on the other hand, I'm like a lost little puppy. 

Pierce has reassured me that he will come home everyday to play with me. Thank you Pierce. And if we are really honest, I could easily pull Pierce from preschool and keep him home with me this year. We really only entertained the idea of him going for the social aspect. And the fact that he wanted to be like Ace with the back pack and the new school shoes. I would have no problem keeping him home. 

But Ace is on this whole new adventure! His first year of many many more in school. I know I am being sooooo dramatic! And for moms that have had to drop their kids off at kindergarten, you know what emotions I am talking about. And for moms that have babies or toddlers, you have heard it a million goes by fast. There is not a truer statement. Like lightening speed, and they are off.

And just to add insult to injury, Ace hates it! The first couple days I could tell he was holding in tears as I walked towards him to pick him up. He broke down and said "I missed you so much, and they won't let me leave! I don't like being told what to do, and I don't like being away from you so long." As if I weren't experiencing a whole range of emotions, now he acts like I am torturing him. Begging me to not take him. I mean break my heart and then back over it with a tractor trailer!

How can I go on?

I'll tell you how, because there are little glimmers of hope....I think. 

He did want to tell me about his day. He told me so many times that he missed me, and even looked for me out the window. He said thank you for the little note I left them in his lunch box, and the extra cookies I stuck in there. 

It's scary and emotional, and exciting and worth it. It's one more step in this thing we call parenting. And as much as I hate it (and I really really do), it makes me crave time with them. Quality time with each and every one of them. 

ps: can you tell I'm raising the ultimate mama's boys? Because I am. Italian mothers know no bounds!

green day

Aug 26, 2015

military jacket
nordstrom fedora
zara military jacket
j crew pants
military jacket
nordstrom fedora
jacket: zara (similar here and here) //  tee: vince // pants: j crew 
shoes: forever 21 (old, love these) // fedora: nordstrom via 5th ave mall c/o

Is it st. pactricks day? No? Well this would be my outfit if it was. Or it's a everyday outfit. 

I think the last time I wore this jacket on the blog, I was very very pregnant! So I'm so excited to be pulling it out for another round of non-maternity style. I love that the military jacket trend is always one that starts popping up when the weather begins to turn. I have always been fond of the olive green variety. That being said I decided to do a full on green assemble. As you can probably tell with my outfit choices, I like to stick to a color scheme and just run with it. A monochromatic look doesn't always have to involve black or white. Contrasting shades of green (or any color) can make a matchy matchy outfit look more put together.

Not to mention this outfit just makes errand running a little more glamorous. Yes, I am absolutely that person that is overdressed 95% of the time. When time permits I love nothing more than getting ready for the day. Or there are days like yesterday where we were scrambling to get out of the house and I didn't actually get dressed until later in the afternoon. I mean that counts right? Just a couple outfit changes before school pick up.

BUT! I think I might try out a new formula, you see, many of the moms come to the drop off line in their workout clothes. They probably in fact go from the school parking lot to the gym! I mean why wouldn't they? I don't go to the gym, but I think they are on to something here. I could easily "look" like I have a treadmill in my future. So that might be it. Mornings equal leggings and some ultra stretchy long sleeve, and then a healthy sprinkling of clothing in the afternoon?

I like it.

allure & butter london collection giveaway

butter london nail polish

Calling all my nail polish loving ladies!! This giveaway is for you! If you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen me sporting a few of these nail polish colors already. They are killer!! Each color is rich and perfect for fall. I also have to tell you that the formula of these babies is phenomenal! And you know I would give it to you straight. Each color change has lasted me more than a few days without chipping, which is glorious in my constant hand washing life. 

So, here's the deal. Allure magazine and Butter London teamed up to launch a limited time collection of colors called Arm Candy. From sheer, to glittery, to metallic, it's all in these six lacquers! I can promise you that you will find a reason to wear each one. I might be playing a little bit of favorites here, but the chocolate brown and opaque rust are rockin my world! 

Now for the good part, enter to win the entire collection of six. Six! That should surely hold you over till next spring and beyond right? I thought so. So get those lucky jazz hands ready and click-ity click on the rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

taking stock

Aug 25, 2015

coffee for president tote
tote bag: shopbop

I haven't done one of these posts for awhile, and I always love reading them when other people post them. So here is it....right here right now!

Making : an attempt to declutter my office. There are boxes everywhere, makeup, magazine cut outs, sticky notes engulfing my computer screen. It's a mess!

Cooking : well I am not making it right now, but I will be making halibut, roasted potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. 

Drinking : water with lemon...but I could go for a coffee right about now! 

Reading: blogs. Or at least trying to. I feel like I am always overwhelmed when I look at bloglovin. Like...ahhhhh! where do I even start. So I am trying to catch up!

Wanting: super cute sweatshirts for fall. Loving this one, this one, and this one

Playing: on the ground every second of the day with Odette, as she is so so close to crawling!

Listening: to the nina revisited album on repeat!

Wishing: we lived closer to family. I always start to feel this way when fall approaches and we get whisked into holiday season. Especially when it comes to the kids' birthdays. 

Enjoying: a little bit of a routine to our day. Mostly me just getting up super early to start and finish a cup of coffee. 

Liking: the chill in the air. Alaska had a super warm Alaskan standards. And the houses here do not have AC (????) so I am just happy to be putting away all the box fans!

Wondering: when we will get a final moving date. And just hoping the army give us more than a couple weeks notice. 

Hoping: we are able to get in another trip to Homer before we leave Alaska. 

Marveling: at my children. I was more nervous for Ace going to kindergarten than he was. I think I was shaking. He was biting his nails, but he put on a brave face!

Needing: more hours in the day, por favor!

Smelling: the mix of coffee scented and apple cinnamon candles I have going on in this house. 

Wearing: distressed denim....what else? 

Thinking: I should really start to get things together for Pierce's birthday next week!! 

Feeling: so fulfilled by my family. These people drive me to the brink of insanity and then reel me back into a crazy love fest all in a 15 minute time frame. 

Bookmarking: black and white rooms. Avalon's room is done in all black and white, and soon enough the girls will share a room, so I am starting to get ideas. Even though we could very well be moving in six weeks, or six months, I'm getting things together. I like this room, and this one, and I ordered this crib sheet, and these wall letters

What do you have going on right about now?


Aug 23, 2015

boyfriend blazer
striped shirt
striped shirt
boyfriend blazer
striped shirt
fall blazer
banana republic shirt
shirt: banana republic // jeans: j crew // shoes: nordstrom (sold out, similar here)
blazer: banana republic via 5th ave mall c/o // sunglasses: urban outfitters // necklace: rocksbox c/o

How was your weekend?

Ours was another low key...get things done around the house kind of thing. Chris came home from the field super sick, so it was my mission to quarantine him from the kids since they are going to school this week. But that lasted all of 12 hours because I mean, he has two hands that can change diapers and wipe butts. Needed. 

All weekend I was double, triple, quadruple checking the boys' stuff for school. Making sure they had everything on their lists. Then it was running errand after errand to try and fill the fridge with lunch box worthy snacks. Not to mention it just feels good to go shopping and having Chris around to divide and conquer the flock. Other than that we were super boring....

Which is quite the opposite for this outfit! I have a deep love for all things grey. This shirt is one of my favorite purchases as of late. Soft and easy to nurse in; meets the criteria I'd say. I also love an animal print mixed with stripes, it is probably one of my favorite pattern mixing combos. The print almost acts as a neutral when you are sticking with the same color scheme. And this boyfriend blazer....there are no words. Amazing! 

The weather was actually beautiful all weekend which makes me sad that we didn't get in another hike. But hopefully we will be much less boring next weekend and come up with some kind of adventure. For now I will go back to crying my eyes out about my babies being away from me for far too many hours in the day!

Fall Wardrobe Basics

Aug 20, 2015

This entire week I have been going through and organizing each and every closet in this house. The temps have been dipping a little bit, and we had a good amount of rain in the beginning of the week (which kept us inside a bit) so I know the seasonal change is upon us. Not to mention I wanted to get the boys' closets in tip top organizational form for school. I am a psycho planner mom and I use the nights before school to get everything ready. Outfits laid out, backpacks put next to the door, lunch boxes packed and ready to go, diaper back restocked, I could go on....

But, the closets are what give me the most grief because there are six people in this house....that's a lot of laundry to be washing and putting away. 

So as I was on my quest for closet sanity I couldn't very well pass up on my disaster zone of a closet. I like to section my closet out in seasons, things that I know I will wear. So I move everything out of the way and use the middle section as my focal point. I just went through and made note of some of the basics that I have, and things that I want to update my wardrobe with for fall. I have talked about investing in good basics before, but it is so true. You can buy it once and keep it season after season. That is the case for many of these. 

Fall is all about the layering combinations, which is exactly what you get with all these pieces. The possibilities of mixing and matching are endless. For most of this list, I have had some of these pieces for a while. The things I am looking to update for this fall, and some more "trendy" pieces are flares, I just ordered these. A ladylike shoulder bag. And a trench coat. Adding in each of these will be great because they are still on trend this year....but are also classic pieces that come back every year. 

I have no problem spending a little more on staple clothing because I try and think about the cost per wear. Like if the boots are a little bit more expensive, but I wear them more often, I am getting my moneys worth. Same goes for other items as well. If they are only going to make it through one or two washes, I feel like it was a waste. Investing a little more in pieces you can mix and match, and therefore repeat, it's worth the money! (at least in my eyes)

So...have you even started to think about fall yet? I picked up some apple cinnamon candles at Target yesterday, so, safe to safe I am gearing up! Ha!

keep it simple

Aug 19, 2015

turtleneck: american apparel  // jeans: zara (old, love these options!) // shoes: zara (identical pair)
sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: stila beso 

Simple is simple right?

Not always for me. Sometimes I walk into my closet and just start over thinking things. The obvious choices aren't always there. I think, I need color, or layers, or an unlikely pairing. But it doesn't always have to be an over the top outfit to be a good one. Simple pairings make for a classic look. 

Choosing a plain black turtleneck over a graphic tee. Tucked in with a black belt to start to tie things together. Opting for a minimal black heel instead of a print. And a classic red lip with the ever so versatile aviators makes it chic but casual. 

As you can tell.....I have a tendency to over think things. But I have to justify everything in my head. I have a feeling that more simple outfits will be in my future, since I will be up at night laying out outfits for all the other humans in this house.

And can I just say how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday? That means I am jumping off the solo parenting train. Choo Choo!!!!

quick to judge

Aug 17, 2015

You want to know the people that are so quick to judge? Moms. And not just moms being judged....moms judging other moms. It is a crazy phenomenon that I am sure is a tale as old as time. Us moms are always the first ones to divulge pregnancy details, teething secrets, brag about our babies hitting milestones. We are all guilty of's no big thing. What is a big thing, at least for me, is moms judging other moms when their child maybe didn't hit those milestones laid out so bullet point-ly in what to expect in the first year book. 

I'd like to believe that every mom has the very best interest of her children at heart. She is with them, she knows their varying cries. She knows just the right way to comfort them. She knows the rhythm of her sway, bounce, walk movement around the house. She knows her toddlers triggers, favorite tv show, and current food craving. But you want to know what she doesn't know? Someone else's child. 

I will never be one to tell another mom how to do something, or the right way to do something. I can only tell another mom what I did and how it worked for my children, should my advice be asked for. Will it be universal advice? Most certainly not. And of course social media has escalated this mom on mom snarking. I hate when I see people post negative comments on social media based on a picture or video that someone may post. I have to believe that people are smart enough to know that whatever is posted on a blog, instagram, twitter or wherever, is merely a snap in time and not a running documentary. This post is not because I have been personally attacked in some negative way, instead I am going to divulge something that would normally be a cause for concern.....on social media of course. It is more just to put it out there and show that not every child is the exact same. And your two year old is probably nothing like my two year old.


Avalon didn't start talking till well after her second birthday. Did she make some noises? Yes. Mama, dada, wawa. But no words. I remember with Ace, by 19 months he was doing pretty well in the speech department. The same went for Pierce. I feel like Pierce was probably leaps and bounds ahead of the game because he had an older brother who spoke to him quite clearly. But Avalon? If you were around her for a long period of time you would notice that she was extremely quite. When she wanted something she would point to it. I knew how to communicate with her because I knew her cues. I also have other kids in the house and could easily anticipate what she wanted. With all the kids I have done the same things, read books. Did puzzles and flash cards, all the normal things. Chris and I would even joke in the house that we would be totally okay if Avalon just didn't talk because then she very well couldn't talk back. In a toddler attitude kind of way. Still, she was getting along just fine in the house. And to be honest we were never really concerned. I always just felt, ehh...she's the third born. The baby still. Completely spoiled in every way by every single person in this house. The boys even cater to her every need. 

So, when we went for her two year old well check up, her doctor went over the sixteen page questionnaire (slight exaggeration..maybe?) and we talked about the fact that Avalon just didn't talk. I have to say that our pediatrician is AMAZING!! She is just so down to earth, dry sense of humor just like me, and she just gets it. All medical training aside, she is a mom and knows how it goes. So when I told her that Avalon really has zero interest in talking she said "she looks like she communicates to you just fine". I remember saying ya, but she doesn't taaaaallllkkkkk. She said, "why should she? you do everything for her. she just looks at you and you move". And this is so true. I am a doer, a fixer. I never ask someone to do something that I can very well do myself. This has trickled over to my kids. I just do everything for them. To the point where it is a hindrance. My pediatrician who also specializes in childhood development said, "I have no concern for her, she shows no signs of needing any kind of developmental therapy. She will surprise you one day and you will be amazed at all the words she actually knows". And she was absolutely correct. Months went by and we never heard more than mama and dada from Avalon. Then all of a sudden, and I do mean within a weeks time she just started talking. I will never forget sitting at the kitchen table with Chris and Avalon and in walks Pierce. Avalon stands up and goes "hi perse". Pierce was so surprised he even said "mom mom she said Pierce!!!". And just like that her vocabulary has tripled, probably even quadrupled since then. She repeats everything. Strings sentences together. Has conversations with her brothers about who knows what. 

Point is...she talks. 

But, if you had heard her on a video say a month or two ago you would think differently. You would say, how old is she? And she isn't talking yet? Have you thought about speech therapy? And I would have told 

All kids develop at their own speed. Even kids within the same household. I would hope that every mom would consult the right source if she was concerned, not social media or the expert doctors at google. I feel like in a day in age where everything is shared, it opens the gates from more judgement and comparison. But if we step back for a second and see that there is a story behind every picture, there maybe more empathy instead of ridicule. 

This could just be a bunch of babble from a mom with a bunch of kids. I just feel so bad for other moms when I see people "talk" about their child. So I figured I would put it out there, just to show that we all don't know everything. 

Just food for thought....

Now I must got break up a fight that is brewing between Pierce and Avalon as she is screaming "NO THAT MY BABY!!"

fringe with benefits

Aug 16, 2015

fringe top
fringe top
fringe top
fringe top
fringe top
fringe top: h&m (recent purchase) // jeans: ag jeans
shoes: enzo angiolini (old, similar options) // sunglasses: vintage gucci

Well the weather outside is frightful, in comparison to last week when these pictures were taken. Will this be the beginning of my non-stop weather conversations? I don't know. But the weekend was very very "fall" feeling. The high was about 58 degrees. There was a slight chill when you first open your car door. And the basement floor heaters kicked on which prompted me to think that the house was on fire based on the smell alone. Not even kidding I was putting fire drill practices into motion! (We don't actually have a fire drill) but man, I was heavily armed with a fire extinguisher and a baby on my hip. That probably wasn't smart. But...not a real fire. My cold weather people out there you can relate right? 

I know for most people in the lower 48 you have many weeks until fall, and dare I even say winter! For us up is creeping up pretty fast. But you all can enjoy this amazing fringe top sans parka!! I bought it from H&M a couple weeks ago. I couldn't find it online, but I know it is still available in stores. I saw it over the weekend. This is a serious must have! It is a heavier sweater material, but so so soft. And it fits like a glove! For those that asked me about sizing, I feel like I wear a different size in every single piece of clothing I buy from H&M. This particular sweater I am wearing a 4. 

As per my crazy outfit planning, I can see this transitioning into cooler temps with a cropped black blazer and some over the knee boots! Yes? Yes? Can you see it? Or are you too confused by the flip flops I am sure you are donning right about now. 

Here are some other fringe tops that are super cute! You know if you don't have an H&M around. Don't feel bad we didn't have one up here until about a month ago.

all around the internet screens

Aug 13, 2015

Does that title even make sense? Pierce is over here singing "all around the mul-derry bush" and then out pops a blog post title.'s been a long week right? Let's end it on a high note and share some good things lurking in the depths of the internet!
sweater stacks are comin...don't hate!

Grace never disappoints in the blogging department, and her post on taking five kids to Target and the comments that accompany such a mission is nail.on.the.head. Plus she also did a bathing suit round up earlier this week, and lets just say it's too bad I have zero reason to buy one! And her post yesterday has some of my favorite blogging moms talking about.....motherhood! I make a small appearance, but skip over me and read the other ones. Trust me.

Jessica's post on having sex after kids is the best and most honest thing ever! A must read!

If you have ever put anything together with your spouse, be it a coffee table, bunk beds, or possibly a child size kitchen at 3 am on Christmas Eve (who would do that? certainly not us) then you can relate to Kait's post!

A friend of mine just sent me this book, and well, I now drive a minivan so I feel like I should read it!

Here in Alaska there is a saying that goes "once the fireweed blossoms reach the top of the stem, there are six weeks left till winter". Well it's happening folks! In the spirit of that craziness, I have been on the hunt for cute winter boots. I am loving all of these!

Chris is going to be in and out of the field the next couple weeks so I am going to do my best to keep on the clean eating train. I'm known to cheat...or just fall off the train and get run over by my unhealthy food choices. So I'm thinking I want to make this chicken recipe, this salmon dish, and these turkey burgers

Chris always gives me crap when I buy stuff from Forever 21, so quick to point out that I am very much not 21. BUT he just doesn't understand the allure. Currently I am crushing on these cutout booties, this floral print dress, and this long vest!

In the spirit of shopping I hit up the mall with my small army yesterday, and the fall shopping bug bit me good. I picked up this boyfriend blazer and blouse from Banana Republic, and a fedora and this striped tee from Nordstrom's. This tee is the softest thing ever!!

And basically that's it! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? My one and only task is to cut the boys' hair. But they both seem to have very strong opinions on the subject. Pierce has requested long wants to put it in a pony tail kind of thing. I am struggling with not just shaving it in his sleep. And Ace wants to go more GQ model with his. Long on the top and a low fade on the side. I mean can you say HIGH MAINTENANCE???? really...that's it! 

boys in blue are here

Aug 12, 2015

 denim on denim
denim on denim
denim on denim
denim on denim
denim on denim
denim jacket: zara (similar options) // chambray tee: forever 21 
jeans: ag jeans // sneakers: new balance (similar here and here)

So sometimes you are just driving along and you spot a blue bus, then your children spot that blue bus and you know as parents you just have to drive over there. Because, well it's a bus and kids love buses. And that is what we did. We drove over to that blue bus. We explored the surrounding area of that bus, and then we decided to snap a few pics. Well while that was happening a cop car pulled up. We looked confused because here we are just taking some random pictures in front of some random blue bus, criminal? No.

The cop got out of the car and Ace yelled "run!!!". No, no, do not run from the cops. He asked us what we were doing. We replied...taking pictures. He asked if we saw the bright orange cones blocking that part of the road off. We said....nope. He asked what we were taking pictures for. We albums? Outfit documentation? He looked confused. I mean he surely wouldn't understand if we threw out such words as "fashion" coupled with "blogging" right? We spared him any more confusion and told him we would load up and get on the other side of those very large bright orange cones that clearly no one would miss intentionally. Surely not this parenting duo. 

Shall we move on to this denim triple threat? I mean as if my denim obsession couldn't reach new heights, I then pull out three items in one outfit. But somehow it works. Mixing denim together is all about finding different shades to wear so they can play off one another. Light denim tee, dark denim skinnies, and a distressed jacket for good measure. 

Now go find a blue bus....but watch for orange cones!

tips for when your child is in a cast

Aug 11, 2015

Not that I ever want anyone's child to end up in a cast! It is pretty awful. But, after spending countless hours searching for answers to some road blocks on Pierce's road to recovery, I figured I would share a few things. It may seem stupid, but if you find yourself trying to console your toddler who has an itch in his cast and can't scratch it, or you haven't quite figured out how to bathe a child in a cast, allow me to help you. Please! 

So, the biggest thing we learned on this five week road to recovery is.....moisture is good and bad! Being in a cast is clearly an uncomfortable thing. The biggest thing for Pierce was that he has very dry skin already, and problem areas with eczema breakouts. Now slap a hard plaster bandage around his arm and you are sure to piss him off. Before they put the cast on your child ask your doctor for a minute to clean and moisturize the area. For Pierce I concentrated on his elbow and wrist area. Allow the moisturizer to soak in before they start the casting process. 

Once it is on there is not much more you can do. 

The next little fun thing we ran into was when Pierce had an itch. We attempted to stick so many things in his cast to get to the itchy area. Fun fact: we found a nickel in there when we took the first cast off (Pierce did it, not me)! Anyway I looked online so many times to see just how people were relieving the itch. We tried pipe cleaners, pencils, and straws. It was kind of ridiculous the things we were sticking in there. Finally I gave up and called my mom and step-dad because they had five insanely rowdy children in their house, surely they would know. My step-dad told me to stick a straw in there (the mcdonalds ones were preferred) and blow into the straw once it is in the cast! Do you think it worked? You're damn right it did! Not to mention Pierce thought it was hilarious!! 

Next is the bathing situation. All the orthopedic surgeon said was "don't get it wet". Oh okay....great! I looked at him like, have you ever bathed a three year old? It's like bathing an elephant. There is just water flying everywhere. When Ace was in a soft arm cast he was disciplined enough to hang his arm out of the tub. Ace borders the line of OCD with most things, so if I tell him not to do something because there is some kind of consequence....he just doesn't do it. Now Pierce, Pierce is a different breed. If I tell him NOT to get the cast wet, you bet your bottom dollar he will pour a cup of water on it. So for bathing purposes we had to go full force with the waterproofing. I would first wrap his cast in saran wrap. Covering his fingers and well up to his shoulder. Then I would use masking tape to tape around that to ensure a good wrap was goin on. Then I would wrap it in a trash bag, sometimes two. You may think this is excessive, but the first time I did just the trash bag trick and his upper arm was soaked! Not cool. So you need to double wrap it folks. 

Cleaning. Ace gets his germ phobia from me. So I was kind of a nutcase about keeping Pierce's fingers clean. Now obviously I couldn't wash his hand, nor could I get down into his cast. But I did get a few q-tips and clean in between his fingers every night. Little kids are dirty! Between him playing outside, playing with play-doh and whatever else I was always having to clean where I could. And sure enough both times when they removed his cast, it had little to no smell!!! I tell you this because if you have ever been in a casting area when someone else gets their cast isn't all roses. Just ask Ace who said very loudly, "what is that awful smell" when we were waiting to get Pierce's cast off. 

Again, moisturizing is your friend. If you have the opportunity like we did where you will be changing the cast half way through, bring some lotion. I used the Mustela Hydra Stick on Pierce. 

Once the cast is removed your child will probably start shedding skin like a lizard. I took Pierce right home and put his arm in a warm bath with lavender and epsom salt. And just massaged his arm with a warm wash cloth to get all the dead skin off. Then followed it up with some lotion. For his really dry parts, where the cast was just rubbing all the time, I used some aquaphor

I know this is probably some really common sense kind of stuff. So pardon my inexperience on the subject, but if this helps one mom and child duo from the depths of the itchy cast tantrum I will feel very relieved!! 

cut it out

Aug 10, 2015

top: chicwish // jeans: old navy // shoes: zara (old, similar here)

I am all about a closet full of basics, because basics can be mixed and matched, and worn in so many different ways. But, I also love to have a few statement tops to pair with jeans that I can dress up or down. When I saw this top I knew I had to have it. It has so many elements that just make it quick, easy, and fun. For the most part it is a t-shirt with an eyelet design. Then you add in the cutout florals to it and I'm in love! I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit in a pretty neutral palette, so the top was the star of the show. I am loooov-ing grey right now. I cannot wait to pair it with everything from pastels to prints for the fall. 

This outfit was great to wear to a baby shower over the weekend, and then I switched into a white loafer for the birthday party the kids went to in the afternoon.'s all about getting your moneys worth out of one item. Not to mention this top is a steal for just under 40 bucks!! 

It also comes in a pretty blush color, and a beautiful blue. I opted for the white because I really want to pair it with a white pair of palazzo pants for the winter! Constantly planning......

What are your thoughts on a statement top?

back to school makeup

Aug 9, 2015

So, you guys are going to think I am totally crazy...but I would like to think I am simply prepared. My step-dad always told me growing up, "pre-proper planning prevents piss poor performance". Growing up I would mock him when he would say these ridiculous things, and now I am over here trying to find a fast and easy makeup routine for when the kids go back to school. I know...I know...but seriously I have to capitalize on the time I get after drop off. So getting myself completely ready in the morning is key! Not to mention I just like to feel put together, sets my whole day up. This is the makeup routine I will be turning to on the days that both boys need to get out of the house on time, and I will be left to run errands and whatever other shenanigans with just two, TWO (!!!!) children in tow. 
It is really simple and quick. A natural look that doesn't scream "I got up at 5:30 in order to get my glam squad on". But enough of a sprinkle of makeup to look awake and ready for the day!

1. First thing you want to do is prime your skin! This is absolutely key to make sure that your makeup lasts all day and doesn't settle into your pores. I am using the YSL touche' eclat blur primer, and it is ridiculous! It makes your skin silky smooth, and it is also moisturizing!! Double the power if you ask me. 

2. Use your regular foundation, tinted moisturizer, or bb cream next. I am using the Bare Minerals foundation and brush

3. Next concealer!! I mean really...this is basically the most important step. I was probably up a few times in the night with a teething baby, so dark circles be gone, load me up with concealer. I am using the YSL touche eclat concealer

4. Just a touch of color on the cheeks helps to keep this look very natural and low maintenance. I am using one of my favorites, the MAC baked blush.

5. This is kind of a new step for me, but it makes a huge difference. I am putting a very small straight line above my lash line with an eyeliner pencil. I never really do eyeliner unless I am doing a full on date night look, but you are going to smudge this out so it is not a harsh line. 

6. And here we are. Use your finger to blend that line out into your lash line. It just gives the appearance of a dark line, and adds a little glam to your lashes. I used MAC fluid liner.  

7. Next do a couple coats of mascara. I have been loving the Maybelline colossal mascara that I picked up at Target. The brush is huge, and really fans out your lashes making them full and fluffy!

8. Last step is to set your makeup. I am using the YSL touche eclate blur perfector. I am applying it to the areas that I get a little oily in during the day. My nose, my t-zone, and my chin. It is the perfect amount of liquid to powder goodness. Then finish it off with your favorite lip balm, or clear lip gloss. 

And that's it! 

Super super simple, doesn't take much time at all. You could probably do it while the kids eat breakfast. Then throw your hair in a top knot, because no one has time for full curls on a Monday morning! 

Here is a look at the products I used:

A huge thank you to YSL Beauty and Influenster for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own...clearly. 

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