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Aug 13, 2015

Does that title even make sense? Pierce is over here singing "all around the mul-derry bush" and then out pops a blog post title.'s been a long week right? Let's end it on a high note and share some good things lurking in the depths of the internet!
sweater stacks are comin...don't hate!

Grace never disappoints in the blogging department, and her post on taking five kids to Target and the comments that accompany such a mission is nail.on.the.head. Plus she also did a bathing suit round up earlier this week, and lets just say it's too bad I have zero reason to buy one! And her post yesterday has some of my favorite blogging moms talking about.....motherhood! I make a small appearance, but skip over me and read the other ones. Trust me.

Jessica's post on having sex after kids is the best and most honest thing ever! A must read!

If you have ever put anything together with your spouse, be it a coffee table, bunk beds, or possibly a child size kitchen at 3 am on Christmas Eve (who would do that? certainly not us) then you can relate to Kait's post!

A friend of mine just sent me this book, and well, I now drive a minivan so I feel like I should read it!

Here in Alaska there is a saying that goes "once the fireweed blossoms reach the top of the stem, there are six weeks left till winter". Well it's happening folks! In the spirit of that craziness, I have been on the hunt for cute winter boots. I am loving all of these!

Chris is going to be in and out of the field the next couple weeks so I am going to do my best to keep on the clean eating train. I'm known to cheat...or just fall off the train and get run over by my unhealthy food choices. So I'm thinking I want to make this chicken recipe, this salmon dish, and these turkey burgers

Chris always gives me crap when I buy stuff from Forever 21, so quick to point out that I am very much not 21. BUT he just doesn't understand the allure. Currently I am crushing on these cutout booties, this floral print dress, and this long vest!

In the spirit of shopping I hit up the mall with my small army yesterday, and the fall shopping bug bit me good. I picked up this boyfriend blazer and blouse from Banana Republic, and a fedora and this striped tee from Nordstrom's. This tee is the softest thing ever!!

And basically that's it! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? My one and only task is to cut the boys' hair. But they both seem to have very strong opinions on the subject. Pierce has requested long wants to put it in a pony tail kind of thing. I am struggling with not just shaving it in his sleep. And Ace wants to go more GQ model with his. Long on the top and a low fade on the side. I mean can you say HIGH MAINTENANCE???? really...that's it! 


  1. I was getting dressed the other day and had my clothes laid out on the bed, and my husband walked by and went "Oh cute, Forever21?" because he makes sooo much fun of me. And I don't even shop there that much! Also I have to tell you, I thought your part of Graces post was the best! I loved the part about the legos..I don't have kids yet, but I'm a nanny and nothing is worse than getting alll the legos out for 2 minutes and then they're "finished."

    x. Morgan

    1. Right? My kids just like to dump them out, I don't even think there is any real playing! And nothing hurts worse than stepping on a Lego! Like my speech is unrecognizable after that happens. haha ;)

  2. Ooooohhh, I'm so excited to read this book! I'm currently reading "Crazy Rich Asians" which is completely non-relatable, but very much so entertaining. Next up: Minivan hotness!

  3. Yes to all the sweaters! I am so ready for fall.

  4. Thanks for the love! I am all about the man bun look so I do you, Pierce!

  5. Wow you do their hair too!!? Is there anything you can't do? ;)

  6. Someone just told me that about the fireweed blossoms!! I'm not ready. Hopefully our first winter in Alaska won't be too rough, although the 5 year old is praying for snow.

    1. Oh there will be snow for sure!! Last year it wasn't crazy amounts at all (by Alaska standards) but it is coming.... ;)



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