backpack wishes and diaper bag dreams

Aug 31, 2015

Well hello Monday! You came around all too fast I must say....but there is a four day weekend in our future, so I guess you can stay.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about a backpack, a diaper bag backpack to be exact. I really truly, and logistically needed one. A couple of you lovely readers left comments about how much you loved your Lily Jade diaper bags, and the fact that they were able to convert to a backpack! I was intrigued. I have seen these bags on instagram and on other blogs, and I liked the idea of it. But then I looked at the website and read the details of these bags. They are down to the science, amazing! Why? Because they were designed by a mom! A mom that knew what she needed out of a diaper bag in order for it to work. To function at mass capacity in a cluster of kid chaos. 
lily jade diaper bag backpack

I have said it on here before, I never really liked the "look" of many diaper bags. They just their only purpose was to hold diapers. But I want a little more out of a bag. Not only to "look" nice, but actually be nice. To stand the test of time. To be tossed in the car in a hurry, or rummaged through by sticky little fingers. To have something spilled inside and still come out looking good! 
lily jade diaper bag
lily jade diaper bags

This bag is just that, and a bag of chips people. The feel of the leather is top notch. The construction of the bag is genius. The removable pouch with all of its 14 pockets is ridiculous! Ridiculously good. And, I love that the inside of the bag is a different color. The black bag with the red liner is stunning. Chris even threw in a "nice bag". 
The kids know my parenting tactics all too well, and immediately asked where the lollipops were hiding! This time I was able to really put them to work, as I hid them in all the different pockets! Ha! Is that mom humor or what? Because I found it hilarious....

The taste of victory is all too sweet for them. 
lily jade diaper bag backpack

Even though I could only get my oldest child to stay put for 2.8 seconds before he just haaaaad to scale a little hill near by, I can tell you he likes the bag as well. 

But who am I kidding? It looks good, so I love it!

lily jade diaper bags

I highly highly recommend you new mama's out there to stick these bags on your registry list. And to you seasoned moms, add this to your Christmas list, and then send me a thank you! 

Made by a mama....for a mama! 

The biggest thank you to Lily Jade for sponsoring this post! You made my diaper bag dreams come true!


  1. Assuming you were using this for a hike, how are the straps for long-term wear? The thinness of the straps would make me think they aren't comfortable, but if you hiked in it, I trust you!

  2. How cute is this backpack!? I love all the pockets.

  3. Pockets are key! And I think it's freaking hysterical you hid all the lollipops!

  4. I have been eyeing these forever!!! I just haven't made the plunge yet. I want pockets!! And a backpack diaper bag!!



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