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Aug 5, 2015

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So, backpacks are making a comeback! Not only in the world of back to school shopping, but for everyone. Moms included! I have been wanting a really cute backpack to double as a diaper bag for so long. My normal diaper bag situation still resembles this post. I love having a large tote and using my diaper bag insert to keep me organized. However, when you are using a "luxury" bag as your diaper bag, it tends to take that luxury down a notch. I have been using my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM bag for the last two years, and if I want to keep it for the next 20 then I should probably look for an alternative diaper bag. So far, a cup of chocolate milk has been spilled in it, stained. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich was tossed in at some point, stained. Not to mention with four kids running around, having to worry about it falling off my shoulder and the contents being spilled out is just a pain! So I'm going full force with the backpack diaper bag plan. 

Here are the top contenders! The Honest Company actually came out with an awesome backpack diaper bag, it is the one on the top left! I mean....basically perfection. But, if you know me at all, you know I need options. All of these are super cute so I'm not going to feel like I am back in high school with my JanSport. I am really leaning towards the Madewell black one on the bottom right as well (also Chris' favorite). But I just don't know! 

What is your diaper bag situation looking like? I am sure we have had this conversation before, but now that I have been running around with four kids in tow, I feel like we need to revisit it.


  1. I love backpacks, they are super cute!

  2. I must have discovered your blog after the turn-the-tote-into-diaper-bag post so I'm commenting now to say that's GENIUS. I have gone through a few diaper bags and they STILL look like diaper bags, and I'm just so over it. Most of the time, I don't even take a diaper bag because I have only one child and I like to live dangerously.

    That said, I've always toyed with a backpack diaper bag but my favorite I found was like $1.5K (not reasonable at this time in our lives) so I like these less-expensive, but-equally-nice leather options!

  3. I've been using a back pack similar to bottom right except I paid like $40 for it. ha! It's just easier since I carry my camera along with the typical diaper bag items and it's easy to access.

  4. I love my Lily Jade bag! I have the Madeline in black. It can be worn over the shoulder, as a cross body, or a backpack. There's a removable insert with tons of pockets. Also, it looks like a purse.

    1. Yes!! I have seen posts on them on Instagram! I am going to check them out too.

    2. Oh me too! My lily jade backpack/over the shoulder/cross body makes me all 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  5. I'm such a fan of my backpack! I wish I had one sooner. I got mine at target. Love love. I just wish it had outside pockets for their sippy cups but I mean, nobody's perfect.

  6. I just use a huge Kate Spade bag, actually, that's not true. I have 2 different "diaper bags" based on how many kids I'm out with. But both are purses, not actually diaper bags. LOL



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