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Aug 4, 2015

Once you have seen one glacier, you've seen them all right? Wrong. At least in our eyes. We have visited many of the glaciers that have a walk-able trail attached, in and around Anchorage. They truly are such a beautiful natural wonder. And Alaska seems to provide an amazing surround sound scenery kind of experience when walking to a glacier. 

We weren't really planning on going to Exit Glacier this weekend. Odette was in a post shots funk. I wanted to get as much school shopping done as humanly possible. (sidenote: when did school shopping lists become a mile long?). Anyway. Odette seemed to feel great by Saturday night after taking a five hour nap during the day, so Chris threw out the idea of heading down to Seward Sunday morning to hike the glacier trail. I thought....why not? Who doesn't love a two and a half hour car ride down to Seward with the calm and lovable crew that we call our children? 
The kids did great in the car. I am telling you they are pros in the road trip department! Odette slept the whole way (miracle), and the boys only needed one potty break! Winning for sure!

What we didn't anticipate was the tourist attraction that this glacier was. I am talking tour buses full of people weilding walking sticks and very large cameras! And then there was us. Just your local familia with double the children to parent ratio, out on a nice little skip to a glacier. I'm not kidding when I say that every.single.person that walked by us had some kind of comment about four kids. How we are so brave! And one lady questioned if I should be hiking with a baby? I wanted to be like.....uhh....this happens to be the easiest hike I have done with a baby or pregnant. But I just smiled and assured her I was going to be a-okay! Promise. Then one nice man told me of a tale about the last time he visited Alaska and saw a women with a baby in a baby carrier, and eight months pregnant, fall on a hike. I was like....thank you. That is very reassuring. 
We took our sweet sweet time getting to the top. This is a really short hike for any of my newfound locals reading. Very easy for kids! Which in turn is a luxury for the parents. The weather was beyond perfect. I actually think Alaska was showing off just a bit, because it was gorgeous!

Many people were concered about Pierce's arm, and somehow thought that he broke it on the hike? How he was casted so easily I will never know. Chris said we should get him a shirt made that says, "I broke my arm jumping off the ottoman, thanks". Because he was truly a spectacle! (Please tell me other parents with children who have been in a cast can relate? I mean the doctors tell me broken bones are a normal part of childhood. But others would like me to believe otherwise). 
We kept trekking right along to that beautiful blue ice. But not before Pierce spotted a park ranger. The conversation went something like this:

Pierce: Hi, what are you?
Park Ranger: I'm a ranger!
Pierce: Ooooh like a power ranger?
Park Ranger: No, no, like a national park ranger.
Pierce: Oh. That's not cool. 
Park Ranger: soul crushed

Chris and I were both standing there like...uhh....those three year olds. Crazy breed I tell ya. And then ushered Pierce to walk away. Very quickly. 
The trail leads you up close to the glacier edge, but not close enough to touch it. Chris was quite disappointed by that small fact. But it was still beautiful to see. I wish we would have gotten more pictures of us up close, but the wind near the glacier was kind of crazy. And the only barrier between Pierce and a fall to his death, was a teeny tiny rope and sign saying "stay back". So we had to keep a very tight grip on him. 
The kids were completely uninterested in the glacier once we told them we couldn't touch it. Many of the other glaciers we have hiked to the kids were able to climb around a little. So they requested we head back so they could throw rocks in the stream. Small request to fulfill a little childhood happiness. By the time we got to the stream Odette was asleep so the kids went to town redecorating the rocks surrounding the water. 

I bribed them with food after an hour of throwing rocks to get them back in the car. They were pissed that they had to hike all the way back out. But it tired them out perfectly for the drive back home. 

All was quiet. 

And with that we called it a good day!


  1. Hahaha I love the commentary from tourists. Always willing to contribute their thoughts. Gorgeous day, though! Have you guys done Caine's Head in Seward? It's amazing. The hike might be too much for younger kids but even taking the ferry and then just playing on the beach is super cool.

    1. I know! If I am being honest, I was getting totally annoyed by the end of the hike. Like, this is Alaska, kids are out on every trail at a very young age. It is wonderful for them!!

      Chris backpacked through Caine's Head last summer. I want to go though!

  2. Haha oh my gosh the conversation with the park ranger is the best!

    1. I was dying on the inside! He was so serious. I did feel a little bad for the park ranger though. But I mean....how can you beat a power ranger???

  3. Silly Kelsey, didn't you know when you have a baby you're not allowed to do ANYTHING! ;)
    Such a beautiful adventure though.. and I agree, park rangers are so not cool.

  4. We did this hike last month when we were visiting. The glacier is really pretty but the stream with the chunks of glacial ice was probably our favorite part. :)

  5. Sounds like those people had to be lame to go on that tour. Broken arms are normal. No it cannot be casted on the trail. Idiot. And palesse get off my junk about my kids. Sigh. But that scenery!!! Gorgeous!

  6. I love exit glacier! But yes, every time we visited it was also loaded with tourists. We camped at the base in one of the free sites for my birthday one summer. It was so peaceful! Gorgeous shots :)

    1. Thanks Mar! This was our first time, and it was such a fun hike, and of course the views were amazing. Just a little crowded compared to most hikes as I am sure you know! :)

  7. Why couldn't the park ranger have just said yes, that he was kind of like a power ranger?! Yeesh. Would it have killed him to appease your tiny human just a little...?!

  8. gorgeous! and yay to awesome road trips!



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