keep it simple

Aug 19, 2015

turtleneck: american apparel  // jeans: zara (old, love these options!) // shoes: zara (identical pair)
sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: stila beso 

Simple is simple right?

Not always for me. Sometimes I walk into my closet and just start over thinking things. The obvious choices aren't always there. I think, I need color, or layers, or an unlikely pairing. But it doesn't always have to be an over the top outfit to be a good one. Simple pairings make for a classic look. 

Choosing a plain black turtleneck over a graphic tee. Tucked in with a black belt to start to tie things together. Opting for a minimal black heel instead of a print. And a classic red lip with the ever so versatile aviators makes it chic but casual. 

As you can tell.....I have a tendency to over think things. But I have to justify everything in my head. I have a feeling that more simple outfits will be in my future, since I will be up at night laying out outfits for all the other humans in this house.

And can I just say how excited I am that tomorrow is Friday? That means I am jumping off the solo parenting train. Choo Choo!!!!


  1. Looking good mama!!! I know it's getting to be time to be all kinds of routine. Capital R. I've seen things on Pinterest where the moms lay out a week's worth of outfits for the kids but I can't get in to that. Maybe I should? I dunno.

  2. Those jeans are perfect, love them!

  3. You look gorgeous! This outfit suits you so well, love it!

  4. Whoa had a baby?! For real?! You look hawt!

    1. HA!!! You're the best! Black is slimming.. LOL



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