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Aug 25, 2015

coffee for president tote
tote bag: shopbop

I haven't done one of these posts for awhile, and I always love reading them when other people post them. So here is it....right here right now!

Making : an attempt to declutter my office. There are boxes everywhere, makeup, magazine cut outs, sticky notes engulfing my computer screen. It's a mess!

Cooking : well I am not making it right now, but I will be making halibut, roasted potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. 

Drinking : water with lemon...but I could go for a coffee right about now! 

Reading: blogs. Or at least trying to. I feel like I am always overwhelmed when I look at bloglovin. Like...ahhhhh! where do I even start. So I am trying to catch up!

Wanting: super cute sweatshirts for fall. Loving this one, this one, and this one

Playing: on the ground every second of the day with Odette, as she is so so close to crawling!

Listening: to the nina revisited album on repeat!

Wishing: we lived closer to family. I always start to feel this way when fall approaches and we get whisked into holiday season. Especially when it comes to the kids' birthdays. 

Enjoying: a little bit of a routine to our day. Mostly me just getting up super early to start and finish a cup of coffee. 

Liking: the chill in the air. Alaska had a super warm summer...by Alaskan standards. And the houses here do not have AC (????) so I am just happy to be putting away all the box fans!

Wondering: when we will get a final moving date. And just hoping the army give us more than a couple weeks notice. 

Hoping: we are able to get in another trip to Homer before we leave Alaska. 

Marveling: at my children. I was more nervous for Ace going to kindergarten than he was. I think I was shaking. He was biting his nails, but he put on a brave face!

Needing: more hours in the day, por favor!

Smelling: the mix of coffee scented and apple cinnamon candles I have going on in this house. 

Wearing: distressed denim....what else? 

Thinking: I should really start to get things together for Pierce's birthday next week!! 

Feeling: so fulfilled by my family. These people drive me to the brink of insanity and then reel me back into a crazy love fest all in a 15 minute time frame. 

Bookmarking: black and white rooms. Avalon's room is done in all black and white, and soon enough the girls will share a room, so I am starting to get ideas. Even though we could very well be moving in six weeks, or six months, I'm getting things together. I like this room, and this one, and I ordered this crib sheet, and these wall letters

What do you have going on right about now?


  1. No AC?! The thought alone is killing me!!! Even in Alaska! lol

  2. Fingers crossed for a moving date soon!!!

    1. I know. I just need to wrap my head around it! Ha.

  3. I love apple cinnamon candles.

    I hope you're able to get a moving date soon.

    1. The best right? Just sets the fall mood!

  4. Today was Reina's first day of kindergarten. I'm sitting looking at Gianna (2) take a nap, while I should be unpacking boxes.

    I'm loving this weather too. With my family posting about heat advisories, I will gladly throw on my sweater.

    1. Ugh the first day!! How are you holding up?

  5. Ahh moving!? Hopefully you find out where, asap!

  6. Today wasn't too bad. She already told me that she can walk in alone tomorrow .

  7. I hope you find out stat about a moving date and I hope it's far far away so you don't have to go into hyper drive mode. I can't stand to see brave little kids. I mean good for them but it breaks my heart into a million pieces.



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