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Sep 7, 2015

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Let's talk a little skincare today....

I feel like in the last five years between being pregnant, breastfeeding, and the repeat of that cycle over and over again, I haven't locked down an actual "routine". Simply because my skin has always needed something different. Add in hormones, and the constant moving to different climates and you basically get every skin type all rolled into one. I have noticed a huge change in my skin since living in Alaska, it is constantly dry! The air is dry, and nine months out of the year my face is frozen. As you know I am a moisturizing junky, and my skin is always in need of a sprinkle of hydration! 

I have so many oil based products that I lather on my skin and hair, and I have always been intrigued by cleansing oils but many come with a pretty steep price tag. Until Burt's Bee came out with a new product to switch the cleansing oil game up! 
Washing your face with oil is completely different than a normal foaming face wash. I really took the liberty of experimenting with the best ways to use this oil. I think I have a good thing going now. 

At first I thought, there is no way that an oil is going to be able to wipe away a full face of makeup without leaving me feeling sticky. That was the wrong approach to this product. You want to use the oil on a DRY face (full of makeup or not), and applied with DRY hands. Sounds crazy right? I know, but this is how it's done my friends. 
Massage the oil into your skin. Then dampen your hands and continue to rub the oil around in circular motions until you have a nice lather going on. Then with a warm wash cloth wipe the product off, along with whatever else was on your face for the day. 

Your face will feel amazingly soft and refreshingly clean. I know that so many people are skeptical about using oils on their face because they are afraid it will clog their pores, but I promise you that is not the case. My face feels moisturized and not dry or tight like some cleansers leave it. Bonus is, this product gets waterproof makeup off! I'm talking no makeup remover required! Boom!
After your face is wiped off, add in a little moisturizer. I am really liking the Burt's Bees Intense Hydration day lotion. It locks in moisture for the whole day, and it smells natural and refreshing, which you can always expect with Burt's Bees products. 
And let's be honest, when you want to embark on a new product introduction there is no better place than Target!!! You know you were there at least once over the weekend. So next time take a detour to the beauty aisles and pick up a bottle of cleansing oil! 

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What is your skincare routine like? Have you used cleaning oil before?


  1. I just started cleansing with coconut oil a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm loving it! I'm still breaking out, but, I heard that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, so, I'm hoping that's the case. Overall, the tone and feel of my skin is MUCH better though! And the pimples that I do get don't seem to last nearly as long.

  2. I've been waking past this section for awhile now debating it. I do love their products!!

  3. I need to check this out because my face is being all sorts of awful right now. I am a tried and true Dermalogica user, but lately, no matter how much I wash, rinse, scrub, moisturize, yadda yadda..I've got acne galore! I don't get it! Admittedly, I like the tight, tingly feeling of a washed face, but this oil might be calling my name...

  4. My skin has started to dry out due to this pregnancy, and I totally feel you about the constant upheaval of skin needs constantly changing. I love the idea of a great Burt's Bees cleansing oil to leave my skin clean but moisturized! -client

  5. I may keep the oil in mind once winter comes because my skin gets really dry from face wash.



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