cold shoulder

Sep 20, 2015

rebecca minkoff sweater
rebecca minkoff sweater -shopbop
wide led denim
fall fashion
rebecca minkoff cut out sweater
sweater: rebecca minkoff via shopbop  // jeans: blank denim via shopbop 
purse: rebecca minkoff via nordstrom rack c/o // shoes: zara (similar here)

In my mind there are a couple things you can never have enough of in your closet, jeans, white tees, and sweaters! I guess I am speaking for those living in colder climates, I sure didn't think that way when I lived in Vegas and Scottsdale! I don't even think I owned an abundance of sweaters. But living in Alaska has made me up the sweater count, because honestly you can wear them year around depending on their weight. A light swing sweater in the summer....good. A warmer wool sweater with cut out details for the fall....perfection! This sweater by Rebecca Minkoff is the bees knees when it comes to sweaters. Warmth and style all rolled into one! 

And jeans, well, I think jeans are just about all I wear. I added these wide leg cropped jeans to the collection despite Chris' opinion of "well...they look like guy jeans". Guy jeans. Not to be mistaken with boyfriend jeans. I happen to LOVE them. They are light weight, super soft, and comfy. I think they will be so cute with ankle boots, pointed toe flats, or even a taller boot for the winter (can't expose the skin to the elements!). 

What will become of my sweater collection when we move? 

Who knows....

What I do know is, it's Monday and none of my children are displaying any flu like symptoms so, I like it. 

(update: thank you to those who emailed me about the sweater, it is sold out on Shopbop, but I found it available here and here!)

Thank you to Shopbop for sponsoring this post. 


  1. I love your GUY jeans!!!! :) I've never seen an actual sweater that was cold shoulder before... so cute!

  2. Haha I am a sweater fiend and I haven't worn any of mine for 3 sad!

  3. That sweater is amazing! So pretty.

  4. Curse the flu. Curse it to the darkest corners of hell. Sometimes men just don't understand the importance of guy jeans.

  5. Guy jeans! Ha! I've pretty much given up on asking my husband what he thinks of my outfits. If I'm wearing something because I want him to like it, he'll know ;) ha! Super cute sweater, you look fantastic as usual! x



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