color and print

Sep 9, 2015

rebecca minkoff red purse
rebecca minkoff crossbody bag
rebecca minkoff red purse
kate spade booties
kate spade leopard print booties
top: j crew // jeans: blank denim // shoes: kate spade (old, similar)
bag: rebecca minkoff via nordstrom rack c/o // spike bracelets: accessory concierge
chevron bracelet: rocksbox c/o 

Fashion rules....I don't really believe in them. I mean no white after Labor Day? What sense does that make? But then you can wear head to toe winter whites? Isn't that a bit of a mixed message? Mixing black and brown, or black and navy? It used to be a big no-no, but those happen to be some of my favorite combinations. A pop of color or a pop of print? How can someone choose just one? Why not mix them all? I mean I have always had a rebellious side to me (Mom remember when I came home with a nose ring at 15? Huh? Huh? Remember that?). I feel like some of the best outfits, or street style inspirations come from wearing more of what you like, rather than what follows imaginary fashion rules.

Fall is all about pulling out the prints and textures! Plaids, prints, leopard, snakeskin, suede, velvet!! And for me I just want to mix it all together!

With that comes an outfit with two statement pieces. Bold clutch and even louder shoes!! I love the mix of red and leopard print. I think they go so well together. I could have lost the purse and thrown on a red lip if I was feeling frisky.....I was least not this time.

Okay....enough about my fashion ramblings and more about tomorrow being Friday!! I am so excited. Mainly because Ace had a rough week with morning drop offs, and my mama heart can only take so much. He had such a great second week of school, but this week, no bueno! Tell me other moms are feeling my pain? Please.

How has your week been going?


  1. I'm pretty sure I've commented on these shoes before, but if not, THEY'RE AMAZING!

  2. That bag is a gorgeous color, I am all about red!

  3. Well I am just loving this outfit. And I hate rules!

  4. I'm sure that happens... The newness of school wears off and they realize just how tired they are or over it all. Letty saves up all her asshole behavior for us but is good as gold at school. It's fun.

  5. I always love how well your outfits come together! Hawaii has me dressing like a hobo, so I'm anxious to see where we end up so I can start dressing like a normal person again ;)

  6. Love the shirt and the lovely pictures!



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