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Sep 17, 2015

brown lipstick
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Happy Friday folks!! Yesterday was the battle of my life with sick kids vs. healthy kids. Trying to run to the sick ones when they actually get sick, while trying to keep the healthy kids from getting in the projectile way. While trying to breastfeed a baby but then a kid gets sick, or trying to put a overly tired baby to sleep but then a different kid gets get it right? Insanity! So I am so happy that Chris has the day off and I will be getting laundry done among other things.


So, I mentioned on my instagram that I am loving brown lipstick for fall. Well that love has skyrocketed and I am in full on buy all the brown lipsticks mode! I have no idea what has attracted me to this shade of lipstick, I mean I am always pretty daring with my color choices, but this is one I have never tried....until recently. For me being so fair skinned I really have to walk the fine line of having chocolate lips and looking rather goth. I have tried quite a few different shades out, and the ones above are the winners. The matte Charlotte Tilbury is ridiculous! Ridiculously good! For a more budget friendly version, the matte NYX lipstick is a good alternative. I also like the NYX glossy finish lipstick for a real punch! Cheap and effective. You can never go wrong with any lipstick from MAC, so I got two shades that I know I will keep in rotation long after the initial honeymoon phase of this addiction wears off.

I know it is a little daring, and a stretch for some, but I promise it is gorgeous looking!

What are your thoughts? 


  1. Brown lipstick scares me I'm not going to lie, maybe one day I will get brave enough haha.

  2. I've seen this circling around and I love it. I wear lipstick like. Twice a year. Soooo.

  3. I don't think that I could pull it off but I do love the way it looks!



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