fall double double

Sep 7, 2015

mom style
nordstrom hooded cardigan
toddler pea coat
nordstrom sweater
mom and me fall fashion
nordstrom hooded sweater
old navy graphic tee
long cardigan: nordstrom // tee: old navy // jeans: zara (old, similar) // boots: old (love these)

avalon's outfit:
peacoat: h&m (similar here and here) // dress: target // leggings: old navy // boots: old (similar here)

How was everyone's long weekend? I hope a mixture of fun and relaxation! We had some pretty packed days filled with birthday festivities, exploring, shopping, and eating of all the foods! All in all a good weekend. With Ace in school full time we seriously miss him. Schools here in Alaska start much later, which in turns means kids get out of school later. The time we have with Ace at night is so limited between homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime routines. Pierce of all people is really missing his partner in crime. He was so so happy to spend all weekend with Ace playing with their friends at chuck e cheese, having a little boys date with dad to the bounce house (so mom could clean the house). And fighting playing with all the new additions to the overrun toy collection in this house. It really makes us all appreciate time together! 

And speaking of time together, Avalon is getting to that stage where she wants to do all the girly things. She wants to go shopping for makeup, paint her nails, spend hours organizing all her shoes and purses. I mean complete opposite from me when I was little. I was a little tomboy rolling in the muck and the mud of ranch life with horses. But I am loving how she wants to be with mom and do all the "grown up" things. Not to mention she is on the fast track independent dressing game. She wants to pick out every outfit, no matter how many times she changes in one day. Dresses!! Only dresses!! Which again is totally opposite from when I was little. I was jeans and boots all the time. My mom would have to threaten me into a dress....or watch my dresses be torn to shreds after riding horses in them all day. So you can imagine my excitement when my mom sent me my first pair of cowboy boots, and Avalon fell in love! 

Country girl after my own heart.....now we just need our lives to slow down a bit and add some horses back into the mix! 


  1. SHOPPING FOR MAKEUP! OH MY HECK! She is such a little girly girl, I love that! I knew she was my soul sister...

  2. Emma is our girly girl, Maddie is anti dresses unless we promise she can wear shorts under. I looove these photos and that cardigan!

  3. That first picture is amazing, so sweet!

  4. Uhm these photos are amazing. And little girls! Love the dress obsession. Good thing she has two big brothers to show her what's up and toughen her up. ;)

  5. Dresses, dresses, dresses, that is SO Tori

    1. Non-stop dresses! I can't take her in Target without coming home with a new dress. HA!



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