maroon, marsala, bordeaux

Sep 28, 2015

nordstrom rack blush jacket
floppy hats for fall
burgundy and blush
maroon booties from nordstrom
burgundy for fall
jacket: nordstrom rack c/o // tee: topshop // jeans: j crew 
shoes: nordstrom // hat: vintage (similar here and here)

Hi happy Monday people! How was your weekend? Our was so low key it was almost no key. Saturday we spent the whole day watching documentaries on Netflix. I got in an hour of alone time, but other than that I can now consider myself an expert on beavers, pandas, odd couple animal pairings, coywolfs, whales, cooking, and weird weather phenomenons. I am telling you....Netflix documentaries are like Pringles, once you can't stop! Even the kids were into it. We all just vegged out on the couches, only pressing pause when someone had to pee or we needed to refill our water cups. And can I tell you, it was amazing! Needed!! Chris had a long week last week, and this one will be one in the same. Which means I will have long days and many many bedtime battles. Tis my life....

Yesterday we had to play catch up on all things adult related, you know, grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop off, a stop or two to pick up more fall decor for the house. You can never have too many fake pumpkins in one house! 

And the weather was all sorts of crazy, even my weather app came up with some crazy crap about the possibility of snow this week, but I can't wrap my head around that just yet. Which brings me to the fact that I must wear all the heels before the threat of slipping and breaking a hip comes to fruition. I can't help but get all excited to wear fall colors. Especially burgundy. Or maroon, or marsala, or bourdeaux. It has many names, and I love them all. Mixing the darker shade with this blush topper jacket may be one of my favorite pairings. I love the details on this jacket as well, the zippers add a little more character, and change the wearing of the jacket. I know I'll be wearing this in the colder months as well, I can just see a grey turtleneck sweater layered underneath and it makes me happy! 

What are some of your go-to fall colors? And for all fall purposes we can go ahead and consider any and all plaid a color in this conversation. 


  1. I am lusting over that jacket which is 100% practical considering its 5:30am and already 79. WAHHHH!

  2. I never heard of Netflix documentaries! Now I know what we'll be watching the next time we're all sick together. :)

    Also, I too have an obsession with the burgundy and maroon colors of fall. I think they go especially well with our hair color (mine is roughly the same color as yours, just not as long and kate-middleton-esque as yours).

  3. This outfit is perfection! I love those shoes.

  4. These pictures are phenomenal and you look amazing! I think I would need some wine in those water cups to get through a documentary. Unless it was about wine. Those I love.

  5. NO WAY can it be anywhere near time for snow yet!!! NO!



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