moose calls and makeup

Sep 22, 2015

I live for the weekend, don't we all? But after last week and one too many sleepless nights, and puking parties, I was done. So you can imagine my excitement when Chris told me he had a three day weekend! I mean church bells ringing, braveheart screaming freeeeeedom!!!! That kind of excitement. Honestly, I just wanted a shower with all the bells and whistles attached. And I got it. But Chris requested a little father daughter date with Avalon. To me they just don't get enough time together. Ace and Pierce always have something going on to which Chris' assistance is needed. Cross country, swim lessons, karate. It is all happening and it feels like it all happens on the same damn day at the same damn time. So Avalon is always kind of stuck with mom....bummer! Chris asked her what she wanted to do and she said "shopping for makeup". The girl knows what she wants and how to get it, dad. He was so excited to take her out. He asked where he should take her and of course I said Target. I mean...where else? They went out to lunch and then headed for the aisles of girly dreams. Chris said that Avalon walked right in and took him to the little girls section and just started picking out clothing and putting it in the cart. He called me right away and said "umm what size is she? She is loading up the cart right now". I thought it was so cute and so funny. Then they headed to the beauty aisles where dad was lost in the sauce. He called again and asked "what is appropriate for her age?" I said well technically nothing, but I always let her pick out some brushes and chap-sticks. When they got home Avalon was so excited to show us everything she got! Two dresses, a jacket, skirt, a purse, and a makeup bag full of goodies. Chris said she is an angel to take out compared to the boys. Ya think? He did say that he thinks he might have to get a second job in order to afford us girls. You're telling me...we know what we like and we aren't ones to settle! 

After they did their thing and Ace was on the projectile mend, we needed to get outside. There has been fresh snow on the mountains since last week and we just had to get in it. Best place to do that with kids is Alyeska! One of my favorite hikes is Winner Creek Trail. So gorgeous, and relatively easy. Not to mention the perfect place to practice my moose calls. 
Oh you didn't know I was a caller of the moose variety? I am trying to perfect my skills. If you follow me on snapchat, you know my talents. If you don't follow me on snapchat you are truly missing out, I feel like I do my best work on that platform. Anyway, Chris and Ace were practicing moose calls Friday night. Chris is gearing up for a caribou or moose hunt? I can't remember which, but he was watching some videos that led to other videos that led to moose calls. He was intrigued and so was Ace and then I jumped on the bandwagon. Let me tell is no easy thing. I feel like I need to practice in the outdoors, be one with nature, ya know?
So we got our walk on.... in the beginning it was great. The kids were happy to be out. They always love the beginning of this trail with all the wooden bridges to walk over. But it was cold!! Until you made it to a sunny spot. After a little bit of walking, I mean maybe a mile, they were all fighting over a seat in the stroller. It happens every time we do this trail, I don't get it. But Chris and I were over hearing their whining, so we threw Avalon and Pierce (who was complaining of a stomach alien) in the stroller, and well....I took on Ace. 
We walked back to the car to get some water, change some diapers, and feed the baby. Chris and I were sure the kids didn't want to take the tram up to the top of the mountain, but sure enough those tired legs were ready to move again...weird. 
I think taking the tram is so fun! It is a quick ride to the top of the mountain, and the views up there can not be beat. There are two restaurants at the top as well, Seven Glacier which is amazing (not kid friendly in my opinion, but date night dreamy!) and the cafe. We opted for a stop in the cafe to get the kids some food. They spilled four cups of water, three ketchup's, but managed to eat a basket of fries. 
We headed back outside to get our hands on some of that first snow! Of course we chose the safest place to do that, I mean what kind of parents do you think we are? Here right here where it says, CAUTION FALLING ICE! Have at it....
They all survived....don't you worry. The concerned tourists may have thought otherwise though. 

Chris and I grabbed a coffee, snapped a few more pictures and then we loaded back on the tram to head back down. Alyeska is one of my very favorite places and I cannot wait to break out the skis this year, seeing as how I am not currently incubating a child. You're shocked I know.... so are we! 

So let's all raise our coffee cups to some snow on the mountains and not currently on my driveway! 

Cheers to that!


  1. What an adorable date and of course beautiful scenery!

  2. The only thing I'm left wondering is why there is no video embedded of the moose calling. Come on girl!

  3. Bahahaha... Avalon throwing clothes in the cart. Future fashion blogger?!?! :D

  4. This is awesome, I agree with Kait there should be video!

  5. Oh my god this post. The daddy daughter date is not only adorable but hilarious. Can Chris take me shopping someday? Sheesh. Love it. And the hike and the pictures are amazing. Yes to skiing too! I sure miss it. Do the boys ski? I always see those kids just flying down the slopes and I'm like wow. Fearless. I could see the boys being that way. Lol



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