nordstrom rack opening in anchorage!!

Sep 2, 2015

Big things poppin here in the Alaskan tundra! Nordstrom Rack is opening TOMORROW!! Say whaaatttt!!! I know there are a bunch of ladies (and possibly men) out there that such squealed in delight. I know I did when I saw that big sign hanging on the building saying "opening soon". My love affair, which should probably just be upgraded to a full on relationship with Nordstrom has been very well documented on this blog. It was actually one of the reasons that I felt like I could survive up here in Alaska. Ha! But really, I am just a fan and to have The Rack up here now? Cra-to-the-zay!
Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the private shopping party at the store. Kind of like a soft opening if you will, where I ate three too many of those little caramel popcorn boxes (shopping is a workout). And it is what retail dreams are made of. Alaskans are in for a treat with this store. Laid out beautifully with all your retail needs right before your eyes. As I was leaving, Chris gave me some words of advice "please remember that we have four children to put through school". I kind of took that you're saying I should buy them clothes too? 

That's what he meant right?

Great! Because that's what I did. And I can't wait to show you guys what else I picked up. 

But there is more, so much more. If you live in the Anchorage area you must get down there tomorrow morning bright and early!! Starting at 8 am there will be coffee, yes coffee, you need fuel to shop people. There will be breakfast along with some tunes being played. And then....drum roll please....those glorious doors will fly open at 9 am and you can let all your coffee induced inhibitions fly! 

Not only will there be food but there will be giveaways! 30 people that's 3-0 will have a chance to will a $100 gift card. And that's not all! One very very lucky individual will win a $1000 shopping spree through the Rule The Rack sweepstakes. This winner will be chosen at 8:25 am! So moral of the story is.....the early shoppers get the gift cards!!
blazer: nordstrom // tee: topshop // jeans: blank denim // shoes: nordstrom (sold out, similar)

There are seriously so many things I love about Nordstrom Rack. It maybe the hunt that I find the most exciting!! And based on what I saw last night, I am not the only one. People were finding some amazing pieces!! Burberry blazers, Tory Burch suede boots, BCBG heels that were to die for.....that lady was lucky I can't squeeze into a 7 1/2 or there might have been a showdown in the shoe aisle.

Not to mention mamas out there, the kids sections is insane! The amount of shoes is slightly overwhelming, especially for me when I am trying to buy four different pairs. But I will never accept defeat when it comes to shopping. I persevered with caramel popcorn and water in hand.

The store will be completely restocked with new things today for the grand opening tomorrow! I know the turn out will be crazier than Target on black friday, but I am thinking I need to go back and get my scavenger hunt on!

Who's with me??

Thank you to Nordstrom Rack for partnering on this post. 


  1. A Nordstrom Rack is never a bad thing! Also speaking of Target, did you see they are now opening beer/wine bars in them so now you can get drunk and spend more money there?! I think it's genius.

  2. I went to special preview before the Nordstrom Rack opening in El Paso, it was amazing!

  3. We have a Nordstrom Rack right down the road, always crowded but I do love it. My bff from High School is actually the head manager at a different location. I am loving your outfit by the way!

  4. Oooh have fun!! I love Nordstrom Rack!

  5. Oh I am so happy for you!! You've gotta be like a kid on Christmas morning!!

  6. So fun! Loooove your look, as usual! Enjoy all your shopping! xx



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