Oxygen Eye Mask

Sep 14, 2015

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at using an under eye cream. I mean...I can moisturize with the best of them, but that small added step seems to always be forgotten. My mom has always been one to sing the praises of a great under eye cream. So many friends of mine have looked at me like "shame on you Kelsey!" you have four kids and you don't use an under eye cream regularly? Crazy! I know! I have even gone so far as to purchase some pretty heavy duty creams that cost a lovely little penny or two. And still....I forget. 
Needless to say it was time to turn to the professionals. More specifically VIIcode. The creators of an overnight oxygen eye mask. Sounds fancy huh? I mean, if you are telling me I can go to bed with these bad boys, and wake up with a little less under-eye puffiness, and there may even be a possibility of lighter than normal dark circles? Sign me up. Especially since we are in the midst of a teething baby, and a two year old who changes her sleeping preferences every other day. 
I have to admit that I was a little weary of the fact that I had to wear them overnight. I am the lightest sleeper ev-er! My insomnia is on another level, so I was slightly concerned that I would just be bothered with something under my eyes all night. But, I wanted to follow the instructions to get the benefits.
I put them on after I put the kids to bed, and it was just Chris and I (and the baby) in our room. My nightly routine usually includes some blogging and email catch up. Perfect time to stick these babies on. Immediately when I put them on I felt a nice cooling sensation from the gel. It was not sticky, or gooey, it actually reminded me of the eye patches they place on you during a facial. It was nice. 

They did stay on for the better part of the night, until I was just slightly annoyed with something on my face. For me personally, I am just too soft of a sleeper to have anything touching me. I got about five hours of wear with them on. The recommended time is a full eight hours. But, even with that I saw a difference in the overall appearance of my under-eye area. It was definitely less puffy, and lighter in color. I looked refreshed! For the other applications I simply put them on first thing in the morning, and wore them until I had to be somewhere that day, usually in the early afternoon, so I still got a pretty good amount of wear. I was seeing a difference, and I was happy with that!
The box contains six individual eye mask packages. I used three the first week and saw a difference. I have already recommended these eye masks to my mom, who is like the anti-wrinkle guru! Seriously, I am hoping I inherited her great skin as I age....please!

I would totally recommend these masks if you are like me, and just can't lock down an under-eye routine. I also think these would be amazing for those days when you know you have somewhere to be, or even to wear before an event, or date night to make yourself look a little less puffy.

What is your under-eye routine like? Do you use creams? Or even masks?

*compensation for this post was provided by viicode, but all opinions are mine all mine!


  1. I'm a light sleeper, too. I give you credit for having them on that long PERIOD!

  2. I'm a light sleeper as well, not sure I handle it lol.

    1. They weren't horrible, and I may not have noticed them as much if I didn't have to wake up to feed Odette.

  3. I don't do anything. Literally nothing. I need help! My grandma swore by creams and she looked fabulous. Gotta get on that train before it's too late!

  4. I need these! I work from home so SHOOT! I'm putting them on as soon as I wake up. Are there rules against that?! Who cares if anyone sees me..I need these ragged under eyes fixed ASAP!

  5. I need these! They sound amazing.

  6. I am all over these! This plus under eye cream are a fabulous combo. Yes, Kelsey around your eye and your neck are the first to age....they need special care. Love Mom



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