Pierce's Birth Story

Sep 4, 2015

You may be wondering why? Why Kelsey would you be bringing out a birth story when Pierce was very much born a few years ago? Well, many of you requested for the older kids' birth stories to be told, and I did not blog back in those days, and Pierce's FOURTH birthday is tomorrow, so let's revisit  the day!
We were living in Scottsdale, AZ. Chris had been in OCS for almost a month now. My mother in law came to stay with us to help out with Ace, while my mom came down from Vegas to be with me at the hospital. I had gone to my doctor on the Friday before Pierce was born, the same doctor that I had with Ace. He knew me and my pregnancies pretty well by now. He checked me and I was at three centimeters. He specifically told me "do not have this baby on Monday because I will be in Prescott golfing for Labor Day weekend". I said, okay.

We didn't really take his advice to heart. We took Ace to the splash pad on Saturday, and also walked around the lakes near by which is about a two mile loop. Got some pizza and headed home.

Sunday we stayed in all day since my braxton hicks were really putting in some work. We did a carb load session for dinner, and if I can remember correctly, my mom and mother in law went through a couple bottles of wine that night! Monday morning (Labor Day...how fitting) I woke up and my stomach had dropped super low (as it has with every baby the morning of their birth). I went out to the kitchen to make Ace some breakfast and my mom said "oh my gosh Kelsey! You are going to have this baby any minute". I laughed and cooked Ace some eggs. As I was cleaning the pan at the sink, I felt a small trickle down my leg. I looked at my mom, shocked as all hell, and said "I think my water is leaking!!! I ran to the bathroom and sure enough it was, or I peed my pants. I came back out and said, I think we should head to the hospital. My mom, possibly regretting her glasses of wine the night before said, "WHAT I need to take a shower". As she did that, I took Ace outside to watch him play in his sandbox for a bit. I was so emotional at that moment. Up until that day I had never ever been away from him. When my mom came back out, I held Ace so tight and told him I would be right back and that Grandmom would make him brownies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He said okay.

As we were pulling out of my neighborhood I broke down. I felt every feeling in that moment. I was crying that I had just left Ace, that Chris was not going to be here. I was nervous about bringing home another baby. But then my phone rang. It was Chris. He said "hey...what are you doing? They gave us the day off so a bunch of us are at Barnes and Noble studying". I said "well I am driving to the hospital to have our son, and I think my water is leaking". He said "No way! Right now? Wait you're driving? Is your water leaking all over my seats?". I started laughing so hard, and reassured him I was sitting on a towel. God-forbid I get that soft Audi leather dirty. Ha!
We got into the hospital and I told the nurse I thought my water was leaking. She checked and said, yea, it didn't break but there is some fluid. She told me I was at about five centimeters, but that they wanted to monitor me for about an hour. They got me hooked up to the monitors and the nurse dimmed the lights and said "just relax, and I'll get you some water", my mom chimed in and said "yes, relax let's do some breathing or maybe some yoga" the nurse came back with "ya yoga...namaste, some downward dog or something". I said "what the hell are you people talking about? Pretty sure downward dog is what got me into this situation!!". Did I mention the nurses on this particular day were hilarious? They were. Each and every one of them was funny, and amazing, and just made the whole experience great!

After about 30 minutes I started having contractions, and they were strong right out the gate. The nurse came back in and said they were going to admit me and start my IV. 

Once all that was done they wheeled me to my luxury suit of delivery room dreams. (Not really). They informed me that they did talk to my doctor and he was in fact golfing and instructed them to break my water and have a baby. The on-call OB came right in, rested on the wall, looked me straight in the face and said "so do you want to fish or cut bait?". I looked at him right back and said "I have no idea what the hell that means." He explained that we could either wait around a little bit for my contractions to get stronger on their own, or we could break my water and get this party going. I said break it! And he did. He got up and said, "well my daughter has a swim meet right up the street so I am going to try and catch her last race". I said "I bet you don't even make it out of the parking lot before I am ready to push....". He laughed. And then left. 

Thirty five glorious minutes later I told the nurse I was feeling some pressure and could possibly start pushing soon. She called the doctor back in and checked me, she looked at me so serious and said "his head is right there, whatever you do DO NOT push". They put an oxygen mask on me and told me to breathe... the doctor came running back in saying that he didn't even make it to the parking garage. They threw some gloves on him and I pushed four times and eight minutes later Pierce was caught by that wonderful on-call doctor in his bright blue Ralph Lauren polo! 
I immediately called Chris who was standing outside Barnes and Noble. As we were chatting it up I looked down and there was my doctor giving me a few good stitches, and a couple new faces that came in for the end of the feature film. Two med school students front and center between the stirrups. At some point in all of this I guess I consented to having them come in and watch the "put back together" process. The whole room was just laughing. As I said, "Oh hello!!".

Every thing was quick. Zero complications, fast, and calm.

I will say that I was slightly more nervous this time around because I knew what pain I was in for. After having Ace natural, I knew I wanted to do it again just the same. But Chris wasn't going to be there and he is just the greatest distraction. Funnier than anyone can imagine. I know this time my mom was even more nervous not having him there either. I can only imagine what it is like to watch your baby have a baby. But she was amazing! The whole thing was simply amazing....which is probably why I did it two more times after this.

I also think that this is why I have such a bond with Pierce. We were on own together after this. Two months of figuring each other out, with a very energetic 19 month old Ace at home as well.

These memories are some of my favorites. And I cannot believe that squishy little boy will be four tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Pierce Anthony!


  1. Oh my goodness all the emotions and feels. No Chris. Sniff. Leaving your eldest at home. Sniff. All of it. Birth stories are amazing and I can't help but read every one I come across. Happy birthday pierce!!!

  2. I hope he has an amazing birthday tomorrow!



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