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Sep 22, 2015

sweaters for fall
one // two // three
four // five // six

Shall we continue our discussion on sweaters? Were we even having one? I'm a stay at home mom....sometimes I make these things up.

Anyhoo, sweaters are my cold temperature love language. In the morning when I am rushing to beg, plead, and grovel with my children about what they are going to put on their bodies, it doesn't leave me much time to come up with a great outfit. But that is the good thing about a great sweater, it is an outfit in itself! Plain sweaters are awesome layering pieces. Neutral sweaters are essential basics. But I like to have a few jazzed up sweaters in my arsenal, you know just to put that vibe out there that I actually put some thought into my outfit, when really I just reached into my closet half awake as to not disturb a sleeping child or two in my bed.

Here are some of the sweaters on my radar. Each one has a little somethin somethin to give it character. Which is perfect to pair with some jeans and an ankle boot.

Sweater game.....meet school drop off....school drop off....don't get too close, I probably haven't showered!


  1. I am allergic to sweaters. while not technically allergic physically I am allergic mentally. They give me the skeeves. I'm literally shuddering thinking about it. Since children that is. I used to love certain ones that were less itchy but now. No go. It's a problem.

  2. My closest is mostly sweaters and it's amazing haha.

  3. number 8 and 9... although it'll be december by the time I need them.

  4. I love that number 1 sweater- especially with leggings!

  5. Sweaters, leggings, scarves, boots. THE BEST! I really like that cold shoulder one... other than that I think 8 and 9 are my favorites. But I will gladly have them all. :)

  6. I need more sweater weather in my life! I have a closet full of them that just laugh and giggle at me. Bastards.

  7. #3! I don't think I've ever seen one like that!! I'm all about cardigans, but can't currently rock the sweaters. Obviously.



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