Summer Recap

Sep 9, 2015

As I was getting a homework project together for Ace, which let me just stop right there and add that each "project" he brings home is more like a project for me. I mean clearly my child can't print off pictures, label them, write a description, and so on and so forth. So three weeks into school and technically I have a project!! Anyway...the project is to tell what you did this summer, or what Ace did since it is his project, remember? 
Of course I consulted the source...this blog, to see what the hell did we do this summer? See I knew this blog would come in handy! And as I was looking for pictures to print off for him, it got me thinking about all the wonderful things we did this summer!! Then I got even more sentimental because this was our last summer in Alaska!! Next summer we will be somewhere else, without the Alaskan wilderness as our backyard! Where hiking will no longer mean just picking a trail on a map and hoping we find it. It means designated hiking spots with actual other people on the trail!!!! Oh the horror...Chris has already stated he hates that. He likes more of the bushwhacking type trails where we have to really work for our view, and carry bear spray and a bear gun. Where there may not be people but running into a moose on the trail is part of the thrill. That's all part of living in Alaska, which we will miss. And we will most definitely miss this summer, so lets take a look back. 
We really started off the summer with a bang! Our first family of six camping trip! Odette was just two months old, it was cold, raining, and amazing!! So amazing that if you remember correctly, we thought we should do it again. This time we headed to Denali Nation to say that trip left a bad camping taste in our mouths. But, Denali was magical and I am so happy we spent a couple days surrounded by the Alaskan interior. 

We made our annual trip to Homer, which will always be remembered as "moms favorite place" in this house. We went so far as to look at properties while we were there. I love love love Homer, the beach, the spit, all things I want to remember. 
We even explored a new to us little town, Hope. Chris immediately fell in love with the surrounding mountains, and I fell in love with the charm that this town boasts!

It wouldn't be a summer in Alaska if there wasn't some hiking, or in our case, a lot of hiking!! The summer kicked off with a beautiful hike on the Trail of Blue Ice. This was our introduction to hiking with four kids, and it went well from what I can remember. 
We hiked the Portage Pass trail, to the amazing views of the glacier. I think if we took a vote, this was our families favorite hike of them all! But, we also saw Exit Glacier, which was pretty cool as well, and a much easier hike!!
Venturing out to see a beautiful waterfall, via the Virgin Falls trail, will also be a time that I remember having a mild heart attack as I watched my five year old maneuver around some pretty sketchy terrain. While my then three year old, in a cast might I add, jumped over fallen trees! 
A stop at Pyrah's Farm, which is something we will absolutely miss come this time next year!

As I was looking through the posts there was more and more hiking, from Hatcher's Pass, to Flattop, Girdwood, and Eagle River. Most of which was documented on instagram. But not too shabby for our first summer with four kids, playing tourists every chance we got!
Here's to Fall in Alaska....which is always short lived before the snow makes it's way in. We are still in limbo about moving, but maybe I will be able to document another winter here! Who knows....only the Army does, but I am not even confident that they know. HA!

How was your summer? What was the highlight?


  1. You have had such an awesome summer, I have loved following along on your adventures. :)

  2. What a fun and beautiful summer it has been. My highlight was definitely Washington!

  3. Thank god for the blog! You had such a great summer and you sure didn't let a newborn slow you down! All that hiking! All that gorgeous scenery!!!

  4. Your pictures don't even look real! I'm packing my bags right now!



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