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Sep 11, 2015

TGIF FOR REAL!! Now pass me a glass of wine......did you say it was too early for wine? Okay fine,  then pass me another cup of coffee to get me to wine time. 

First things first, nail polish. I am usually one to go for the bold color on my nails, but lately I have been loving a nude. Dark nude, pale nude....whatever. I am really liking this one by Essie, and this one by Butter London. 

Nordstrom's is having an end of summer sale (I know another sale...) and I have been finding some really great pieces for fall. I ordered another pair of flares, these ones to be exact, this cardigan, this blouse, and this denim field jacket

Alright, on the blogging front-- Kait posted some tips for shopping at Target. You know you need these!

If you are anything like me when washing bed sheets, you just roll up the fitted sheet because I mean....damn those things and their corners. This post changes everything. No joke, I have perfectly folded sheets and I like it!

Emily posted some great tips on how to get fuller brows. I cannot tell you how happy I am that full bushy eyebrows have been making a come back the last couple years! I have the straightest eyebrows in the history of brows! In high school I so deeply wanted to have those beautifully thin arched eyebrows, but could never achieve them because mine are just so straight! Not anymore people!! I embrace my thick brows, and rock them with all their straight glory!

This chocolate sheet cake is going to be my next really big cheat treat! I mean really big because I will probably need a day to recover after I shock my system with this sugary goodness! Yum!!

Blythe posted a homeschooling tools round up, and well, she is basically the authority on these things. I don't know how she does it, but I am using all her wisdom to my advantage. With an impending move I have been toying with the idea of homeschooling Pierce. I might have to write I post for a more in-depth explanation, but in any event, I ordered a couple thaaangs.

Oh! THIS POST!! So many great blogging tips, and tells you how to blog LEGALLY! Alex pointed it out on twitter and it is so good. I don't think people realize that blogging has some real rules too. Like, taxes! Don't take pictures from google or pinterest and claim them as your own! Site your sources, we all learned it in middle school. Same goes for blogging! And, don't be shaddy McShaddy when you get sent stuff, disclose that shiz!

What else? What else?

Okay, you guys may think I am crazy, and  I am. But I am totally LOV-ING the wide leg cropped denim that is going around for fall. Examples are, these bad boys, these light colored lovers, and these slightly frayed wonders! I showed them to Chris the other night and he said "they are all hideous!" which means I will be buying a pair asap!

I think that is all that is floating around my mind.....as far as the internet is concerned.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Ok. your nails are super cute! And, i need to get on that fitted sheet folding post! I cannot do it ever. Mine usually just end up in a ball in the closet!

    Happy weekend!!

  2. Love your nails! and that cardigan and those flares from Nordstrom are so cute.. Not sure if I can behind the cropped flares though. Maybe because I'm so tall, I don't think I could pull them off well.

  3. I love your nails, they are super cute. The color is awesome.

  4. This fitted sheet thing? Mind blown.

  5. Cute nails!
    Love all the links, especially the blog legally one.

  6. Your nails look awesome! And I have admired your brows multiple times! lol :)

  7. I am just now catching up on blogs from being out of town. Thanks for the love!!! :) I also love that post about blogging legally -so good!



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