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Oct 30, 2015

sweatshirt: urban outfitters // necklace: happiness boutique c/o

This may very well be the most random post I ever write...but I figure why not? There is just so much swirling around in my head. And this week has been all over the place. Today alone we have three Halloween parties, which I looked at Chris and just said, how? But I have had my Halloween mom hat on all week. I even, get this people, I even volunteered for Ace's class party! WHAT! So not like me. Usually I am like just hit me up with a list and I'll buy whatever you need. But it just worked out for me to go. 

And I wore the above attire. My favorite Halloween sweatshirt, and added a little bit of sparkle with a statement necklace as if to say....I love Halloween but I didn't want to scare all the kids with my face makeup. I saved that for the Halloween parade the other day. 

Anyway, while on the topic of costumes, have you seen some of the costumes floating around? I mean, pinterest has transformed how we put costumes together. Or I should say how some put them together. I am old fashion and let the kids pick out their costumes in the aisles of Target. But some of these elaborate costumes were amazing, and creative, and I thought, how much time did you spend on that? One mom told me she spent hours on pinterest combining different ideas to get her daughters my little pony costume complete with life size rainbow. It was dope! 

On to more randomness, seasonal allergies are hitting me pretty good. And I am here to admit that I have an irrational fear of eye drops. Can't do it. Won't do it. Chris literally sat on me to try and help me put them in and still I was like, noooooooo! So weird. I will forever have red eyes.

Moving on to the next thought. After taking the initial plunge to chop my hair, I have this urge to go shorter. Can anyone relate? I brought it up to Chris and he immediately said, negative. I am thinking like another two or three inches. 

Also, I am guessing it is my lack of vitamin D for my irritability lately, but I just can't take people. I mean I know we look like a circus going through any store. But I will never understand people and their comments, especially when my kids are on a half way decent behavior streak. A lady in Target was stuck in the same aisle as us and said "wow! you sure have your hands full!" Yes...never heard that one before. She said "what are their ages? They look really close!" I said, yes, all 19 months apart (said with a smile at that point). She looked shocked and in a sardonic tone said "you guys just couldn't figure out how that kept happening could you?" I replied with "doggie style, that's how it happened". I think her jaw dropped on the floor. Sorry lady that I had to snap you back to reality but why are you judging? Do you have to pay for the three boxes of diapers, a box of wipes, and whatever random stuff from the dollar section? No. Am I questioning why you are buying the things in your cart? Nope. But most importantly do you feel like you can now go about your day having been rude to a complete stranger? Yes? Okie dokie then. 

And I think that was my last and final thought. haha! 

If you want to see some Halloween madness, follow me on my second favorite app, snapchat!

I hope you all have a super fun and safe weekend!

current mood

Oct 28, 2015

bow & drape sweatshirt
current mood emoji sweatshirt
bow and drape sweatshirt
sweatshirt: bow & drape // jeans: j crew // heels: marciano (old, similar) // lipstick: stila beso

I really do think my mood has been some variation of this emoji all week. Just on. Halloween is near. Chris is working the strangest work schedule I have ever seen this week, which is actually driving us all crazy, BUT I refuse to let that get me down seeing as how when he is home no matter what random time that is, I have been able to sneak out for a second or two. Even just to grab a coffee, it is the breath I need before I have to jump back in to referee, or put on my janitor hat and clean up some kind of mess, or chauffeur kids from one activity to the next. We are inching our way closer to my favorite day, Halloween. Is it crazy that I much prefer this holiday to even the likes of Christmas? I do. My mom was the same way growing up, just went all out for Halloween. I actually tried to sweet talk her the other day into mayyyyybe sending me some of her decorations. She laughed and said she would not part with the zombies, but she may leave them in her will for me. I mean.....if that doesn't say love. 

But, on to this outfit and this amazing sweatshirt! Honestly, hands down the softest thing I have ever put on my body. I just want to sleep in this all day everyday. You should totally checkout this company Bow & Drape. (this is NOT a sponsored post, I am truly obsessed with them). I found this sweatshirt as part of the pop-up shop at Nordstrom's but then I had to checkout their website and came to the conclusion that I could make up my entire wardrobe with just their sweatshirts. Who knows.....maybe I will. I linked to the other sweatshirts below, that are currently at Nordstrom's. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!! 

bag with the fringe

Oct 25, 2015

 suede fringe bag
fringe bags for fall
fall style with fringe and boots
white denim and boots
suede and fringe bag
jacket: bb dakota via shopbop // jeans: gap 
boots: steven via shopbop // fringe bag: one by type alpha via shopbop 

The count down is on my friends! Halloween!!! The excitement between Chris and I probably makes up for the lack of enthusiasm from our children. They are like....ya ya....costume....candy....when is it again? And Chris and I are over here chomping at the bit to scare the pants off some people. 

Who are the parents in this house again? 

We spent the weekend mapping out our approach for this year. See...we take this shit seriously! We have learned since living on base that not everyone appreciates our overabundance of all things scary decor. So every year we try and up the ante. Only the brave of the brave seem to come to our house, or the parents with a little sense of fun. You can overhear many adults redirect their children from "that" house. Or if they do make it to the door they have one of two reactions...."wow, awesome house" or "don't you think it's a little too scary?" Too scary!! This is Halloween! Last year there was one house that was sooooo good! Like Chris stood there and marveled at their graveyard creation. I hope they still live here this year! If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) then you may have seen some of our Halloween additions. And I have to say, my children are not phased by the scary stuff. They actually may enjoy it a little too much as they were sword fighting with the severed limbs..... 

Anyway, this outfit is anything but scary. More safe in the mixing of neutrals territory. I love white denim all year around, so anyone who tells you to put them away after labor day, is not your friend. Rock them loud and proud all year! And this bag!! Oh em gee this bag. I am so obsessed. So many pretty elements packed in to one crossbody. The fringe, the suede, the color. Yes!! 

What is your house like on Halloween? Are you dressing up? Indulge me. 

Thank you to Shopbop for partnering this post. 

peekaboo lace

Oct 21, 2015

leather jacket: zara (old, similar) // sweater: forever 21 // bralette: urban outfitters
jeans: blank denim via shopbop // boots: steven via shopbop

Hello internet friends! Please tell me your week is going much better than mine. Or at least tell me that you and your household have not been struck down by the projectile plague!! This one is a bad take you out at the knees and hold you hostage for 24 hours kind of bad. It started with Chris, then went to Ace, then me, and Odette has a mild version of it I am assuming. Chris got out of any cleaning duty thanks to his time in the field this week, but my upstairs carpets are sure to let him know what he missed. 

Carpet cleaners....tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow! 

Moving along to the OOTD or rather a few days ago. Simple outfit with a little added punch of lace. I don't know if it is just the whole fourth child thing, or the fact that I have been breastfeeding for what feels like the last five years of my life, but I am loving the comfort of a bralette as opposed to a full on underwire. Still easy to nurse in, but adds a little sexy to my normal milking cow routine. Also, these boots!! I think I have worn them just about everyday since they arrived at my door. So totally obsessed. They do run a half size large if you are thinking about snagging a pair. And as always....I'm in denim, what else is new? 

Thank you to Shopbop for sponsoring this post. 

full face with doucce cosmetics

Let's get into some makeup today, more specifically let me introduce you to a new makeup brand that I am falling in love with. Truly. 

I was recently introduced to the world of Doucce cosmetics and am more than impressed with what I have tried. I love trying out new lines, and finding new products that I can incorporate into my daily makeup routine. Not only that, but I like to find products that actually work and are worth telling you about. So here we go!
Doucce makeup
For this super simple face I used just a few products. I wanted to keep it really simple and just focus on the lashes, cheeks, and lips. I started out with Doucce All Day Foundation, and wow. Just wow! This stuff is beautiful. It is a full coverage foundation, and lives up to it's name, all day! This stuff covered so well that I did not even need to use a concealer! Beat that! Not to mention it dries with a silky soft finish. 

I am always hesitant to order foundation online because my coloring is kind of weird, but this matched my skin tone perfectly. I am wearing color 21A3 Hawaiian Islands.
Doucce Cosmetics
I also have to take a second to mention this packaging! I am a sucker for cute boxes, and minimalistic packaging. So brownie points for that!

Then I moved on to the lashes, using their Punk Volumizer mascara. The brush on this baby is big. B-I-G. And I love it! It really does get in there and give you some volume. I have naturally long and thick lashes, but this just gave me the goods. Highly recommend!

A couple swipes of blush and I was ready for my favorite part of every look, the lips. You guys know I love my lipsticks. So I had to try out their lip stains. Liquid to matte lipsticks are my absolute favorites. And what I really like about Doucce's Luscious Lip Stain is that you have the option to make it a sleeker look with the added gloss. But can I just tell you how pretty the matte is? I am wearing the color Winter Velvet in these pictures, but also got the color Dark Lust which is a beautiful brown. 

And that is it! 

So simple, just a few really great products to create a flawless look. 

Go check them out! 

Thank you to Doucce for partnering on this post!

The kids need clothes too

Oct 20, 2015

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 

I was holding out for awhile on buying the kids too many new fall items. I was holding out to see if we would be moving, therefore may not actually be needing updated layering pieces. Well we found out that we will in fact be in Alaska through the winter. I have mixed emotions about it, I really do love Alaska, I do not so much care for the bitter cold winter and the length at which it stays. But I have grown to really appreciate our time here. Then again, there is a huge part of me that is just ready. Ready for the next chapter. This is the longest we have ever been at one duty station, so I kind of have the itch. As much as I was prepared to move, I did not want to pull Ace out of school. It was so hard to finally get him to a point where he was comfortable being away from me, and somewhat excited to go to school, that I desperately did not want to disrupt that. I know as a military family we do not always have a choice in the matter of when we move, but Chris and I thought why not just put in for an extension and maybe just maybe we will be able to stay a little longer into the school year. Otherwise we would be moving next month. 

One event on top of another event led us to getting the green light on staying a few more months. Which then led me to some online shopping. The kids are all set for winter, but they needed a few new pieces for everyday use. The boys are in the exact same sizes in everything so they just get double the wardrobe options. Avalon needed a couple new jackets to throw over a princess dress or two, and the baby needs whatever Avalon didn't leave her.

I happen to shop anywhere and everywhere when it comes to kids clothes. Every time I go to Target I make it a point to stop and see what they have on the sale racks for the kids. Last week I scored a butt load of pajamas on sale for all four kids. Also since we have an Old Navy just a few doors down from Target, I usually stop in there a couple times a week as well to pick through their clearance section. Gap will always be one of my favorites for kids clothes because the quality is just great. I have also found myself grabbing a few things for the boys from Forever 21' s kids sections. They have cute trendy pieces, and I mean, cheap.

When it comes to outwear for the kids I tend to spent a bit more. I mean, if I am going to spend a decent amount of money to keep myself warm, shouldn't I do that for my kids? I think yes. Patagonia is a huge favorite because they have so many things for kids. Not to mention they have all the outdoor needs covered. Their base layers are my favorite for the kids, and Odette needed a set for herself. Not to mention their fleeces are amazing! I had to grab Avalon a couple options.

When it comes to footwear for the kids, I am all about the warmth. When the snow is on the ground we live in our boots. But for everyday running around I look for shoes my kids can get on and off themselves. Minus Odette, I'll slip her Uggs on for her. Speaking of Uggs. They are my favorite for all the kids, but make sure you spend a few extra bucks and get the water and stain repellent! It is a total lifesaver, and makes the boots last even longer!

So this is the round up of some of the things I have picked up recently for the kiddos!

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for kids?

maroon mondays

Oct 18, 2015

asos lace front sweater
fall outfit style
zara ankle sock boots
lace front sweater
fall outfit inspiration
sweater: asos // jeans: blank denim // shoes: zara (similar here)
scarf: zara (similar here and here) // sunglasses: rayban // lipstick: butter london in toff

How was everyone's weekend?? Low key? Ours was totally low key...kind of. The rain just won't stop here. Like can't stop. Won't stop. I have totally lost count with how many weeks it has been raining. Ace's school has given up on recess I am sure. I mean, I never thought I would say this......but give me snow any day over the rain. At least there are things to do in the snow. Puddle jumping can only last so long. 

The indoor activities have already begun. Usually I don't get desperate enough to seek indoor enclosures until we are dealing with some negative temps. but this weekend I said why not? A new trampoline park opened in Anchorage and we decided to check it out. It was totally fun for the kids, hell it probably would have been fun for Chris and I except I was watching my children's brains get bounced around like bobble heads! Having the time of their lives. Completely terrifying for me. Not to mention when other kids get bouncing and then there are just bodies flying through the air. And this is just the kid zone!! We paid for an hour initially, but the kids were like, hell no we won't go. So I made the executive parental decision to tire them out some more, and possibly risk more whiplash. 

Fun for all ages. 

This outfit on the other hand is all fun for me, as Chris said "what kind of boots are those?". These my fashion forward husband are sock boots. The newest fall trend that I am all over. Thick heel, easy to walk in, slides right on thanks to the "sock" like texture. Love love love. Give me all the sock boots. And blanket scarfs, because those double as so many things. Scarves, blankets, breastfeeding cover, umbrella, napkin, the list goes on. Basically a moms best to coffee. 


fall decor transformation

Oct 15, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveAmericanHome #CollectiveBias
american home by yankee candles
Like many people, have stated on the social media portals that I love fall. No really, I LOVE fall. Mainly because the changing of seasons brings me one step closer to my ultimate favorite holiday, Halloween, but it also gives me an excuse to dress up my house a bit. I have always been a crazy candle obsessed person. This stems from my mom who has more candles in her house per square foot than she does carpet I am sure. That is how it was growing up too. I always knew that when I walked in the door I would be greeted with something good to breathe in. This little character trait of hers has passed on to all my brothers and sisters who are currently living outside the home. We all inherited the, place candles anywhere and everywhere gene. 
fall tablescape
I will admit than when decorating my house I always shied away from putting anything on the table until riiiiiight before we had guests coming over. The boys were always too inquisitive to leave things where I put them. And if Pierce sees a candle lit he immediately bursts into the happy birthday song and requests presents pronto. But now that the boys are a little older and cannot be bothered with moms tablescape, I thought yes, I am going to explode fall all over this house! 
american home by yankee candles
I get so excited for the fall scents to roll out onto the shelves! I am sure we all have our go-to scents when it comes to making our house feel more cozy just by the way it smells. All my favorite fragrances stem from something cooking in the kitchen. Pumpkin, apple, and caramel!! It just makes the house feel so warm and inviting when you open the door. 
The American Home by Yankee Candle® brand at Walmart is the perfect collection to fill your house with for the fall season. The fragrance options are endless, and the price point is perfect, in my opinion. I always like to pick up a couple extra candles when we are getting ready to have guests come to the house so they can go home with a candle as well! You know, to leave them with that memory of dinner at my house rather than the food fight that broke out by my children. 
fall table decor
I love the way the candles fit in with the table decor, and just infuse the house with that fall goodness. What are some of your favorite fall scents? Have you checked out the American Home by Yankee Candle® brand at Walmart?

You should. I would never steer you wrong!

I'm a parental impostor

Oct 14, 2015

I think I am just now feeling like I'm getting into my groove for the week. Is that bad since the week is just about over? But Chris was gone for five days which included the weekend, therefore there was no weekend in my eyes. And lets just say it was a rough one. Nothing terrible happened. Except for my minimal loss of sanity, but what else is new?

Here is what I am learning, as the kids get older it is harder when Chris leaves. Is that a revelation? No. But when they were younger they had no concept of time, so even when Chris would be gone for months they never really knew. After the first couple days life just went on as normal, and the questions as to where dad was would draw down a bit. Now? Ace knows the days of the week. He jumps up on the counter and points to the calendar. He counts down, he tells me what time of day it is just about every minute of the day. Interrogating me on just when dad will be home. When Chris is not here, I do not cut it in the favorite parent department. But this time I was determined to to make them say dad who?
Is parenting a competition? No. I'd like to think of it as a theatrical performance, and well, the show must go on. So I asked the kids what they wanted to do over the weekend. They said go to the park. Well there was non stop rain, but I said eff it! Dad would totally take you to a wet park and let you play. We loaded up, I packed changes of clothes, snacks, and we drove to a new park. Once we got there, there were just puddles everywhere. The sandbox was primed for mud wrestling. The slides were extra slick. And my mom radar went off saying DANGER DANGER DO NOT ENTER. I have done many many ER visits alone, and today I was just not feelin that. So I told those sad dad-less kiddos that it probably wasn't safe. Cue the drama. 

But you said.....

You are no fun....

Dad would let us....

Why did you bring us here then..... (I DON'T KNOW)

That is what happens when I try and be the fun parent. All rational thinking goes out the window. Or does it? I quickly rallied and said, "hey what if we head back towards the house and I will let you jump in all those big puddles behind the house?". It was cold so I figured let them jump and then get them right inside. They took the bait. We headed back, I released them from their car harnesses and we walked and jumped in every puddle within a 1/2 mile radius of the house. They were soaked. They were laughing. They were dare I say having fun with mom.
And that's when it happens folks. The curse of mom. I had to then go from being oh so super fun, to bringing the hammer down when Ace and Pierce started to fight. There was pushing, there was splashing of water in ones face. There were not so nice words. I had to bring out the mom voice and say "guys if you can't get it together we are going home". Then the talking back came.

No, we are not going home....

I don't want to play with him anymore....

Don't talk to me....

It went on and on which led me to the inevitable trek back home with the minions protesting behind me. 

I want dad...

You and me both. 

We got home and dried off and took a little break. A couple kids napped and then I realized I was down to two baby diapers. So off we went to Target. They started in with their, can I have a toy? No. How about one from the dollar section? No. We just came for diapers. 

You are no fun....

I know. They were pouting and dragging their feet through the store. Then that irrational mom voice came back, "okay here's the deal, if we can just get the diapers and get out of here in one piece I will take you to get ice cream". Cue all the fan girl cheers! 

So off we went to the ice cream place. They were so excited. They grabbed their bowls and began to dispense more ice cream than I wanted to pay for, and obviously more than they could eat. But I had my fun parent hat on. Get all the ice cream. Get all the toppings. Party mom is in the house!
We sat down to eat it and took up more than half the seats in the little ice cream place. The looks from the teen couples getting ice cream where in full effect. Their parents can thank me because I gave them the real deal out of health class 101 on birth control. 

The kids were actually great in the place. But then came time to leave. Pierce will definitely be the person who is the last to leave at the party. He was not having it. I only had one arm to wrangle him with since I was holding the baby. Then Avalon dropped her ice cream cup. Ace was holding the door saying come on. Pierce was like, nope I like this song I want to stay. Avalon was mourning the loss of her vanilla ice cream on the floor. I was like....damn you fun parent shit. 

We managed to compose ourselves enough for a walk of shame to the car. Once I got them all buckled in I sat there and thought.....

This mom as a fun parent thing is overrated, and I feel a tad bit bipolar.

Even though Chris was not in the vicinity of Alaska he was still the prized parent. The kids talked non-stop about dads race. Did dad run his race yet? (Talking about the Army Ten Miler event). Dad is so fast! Did he win? When I get bigger I want to be as fast as dad! Mom, how come you don't run in races?

Mom doesn't run.
But big shout out to the Alaska Ten Miler team who did great at the event. And to Chris for being the ultimate fast and fun parent. We are proud of your athletic ability and I am even more proud to put it to good use this weekend because I am going to impress you all with my amazing sitting and not moving ability.


The wannabe fun parent.

playing with proportions

Oct 7, 2015

Fall Layers
short light ombre
denim and sweater layers
loose waves
stuart weitzman boots
denim jacket: zara (old, similar) // sweater: nordstrom // shirt: j crew
leather leggings: nordstrom // boots: stuart weitzman 50/50 boot

Layers. Layers are essential in fall weather. Especially in Alaska where the mornings are brisk, but by the afternoon you might just find yourself in a long sleeve and not so cold. Obviously I love trying out new ways to wear basic pieces. And playing around with different lengths gives an outfit more dimension. This whole outfit is made up of basic pieces most of us already have in our closets. A crisp white button down. A long cardigan. The ever so versatile denim jacket. A pair of leather leggings, although any pair will do. And the fall footwear staple, over the knee boots. 

I originally wanted to pair this with a stacked heel, but the day called for rain, and the activity was errand running with all four children. A low to the ground footwear option was just more appropriate. Hate when that happens. 

I plan on really wearing the hell out of this longline sweater. It has become a key layering piece for morning drop-offs. Plus it doubles as a blanket when I forget to thaw my car long enough before getting in. Hashtag Alaska problems. 

I hope your week is going well. Halfway there! 

an evening out

Oct 6, 2015

"Date nights" are few and far between in this house. Or more like non-existent. Maybe one day I will get over my phobia of leaving my children, but having little babies in the house just doesn't bring about a settling feeling when being away. My mom is generally the only one we feel comfortable watching the kids, and well, she lives in Las Vegas. So basically she is a really expensive date night babysitter. With that being said, she does come to visit as often as she can. This year, if all goes as planned she will be here just in time for the military ball. I am not really one that gets all excited about the ball itself. I get more excited that Chris and I get to spend a little time together without being interrupted to wipe someones butt. We usually try and make a full night of it and give up the co-sleeping dwelling space for a hotel room. Will that happen this year? Only Odette can be the judge of that. 
Formal Dresses
one // two // three // four // five // six
seven // eight // nine // ten

Since this is mandatory fun for Chris, why not join in and have a great excuse to get dressed up? I mean, how many excuses does one have to pull out an evening dress and false lashes? Not many I am assuming. 

I always tell myself when shopping for a dress, to pick something I will want to wear again. This has not happened yet though. I love all the dresses I have worn, but I can't help but get excited to buy a new one. You can read about the last ball we went to right here, and I also found my dress from that post available here and short sleeve version here.

I have been toying with the idea of a super cute jumpsuit to wear. You guys know I looooove a good jumpsuit, so I have picked two that I really like, but I am not over the moon about white. So the search will continue. Chris isn't too sold on the jumpsuit thing but he has been married to me long enough to just smile and nod :)

Surprisingly, these are the ones I have narrowed it down to! Ha! The list was long, so give me your input. What are you liking? Do you have a go-to place for dresses? Or even a certain silhouette that you gravitate towards? Let a girl know!

hello fringe

Oct 4, 2015

fringe sweater
fringe sweater
fringe sweater shopbop
fringe sweater for fall
fringe sweater and flares
fringe sweater endless rose
fringe sweater: shopbop // jeans: nordstrom // shoes: sam edelman (similar here)

Well well well....what have we here? Some new hair people. And man can I just tell you that my head feels SO light. Not only color wise, but the amount of hair that was removed from my head was incredible. And truly I could not be happier. As much as I loved my long hair, and will miss all the braiding and top knot action. This is just so much easier. Half the hair equals half the drying time!! Which in mom talk means half the amount of tantrums I have to listen to while styling my hair. Major win right there. 

BUT! As much as I loved getting out of the house solo, after about two hours I was over it. I am so used to just go go go, that I had a hard time sitting down for four and a half hours while we lifted all the darkness from my hair, then tackled cutting and thinning it out. I was totally over it. Not to mention, based on the texts I was receiving from Chris, he and the kids were over it too. A couple of my favorites:

"Which diapers are Odette's and which are Avalon's?"

"Do the kids just eat all day long? I feel like all I do is take food orders"

"How do you go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous"

"Are you even still getting your hair done or are you shopping?"

"Pierce peed on the floor. Avalon stepped in it. Come home"

I just laughed. When I got home I was tackled at the door by my minions. The house was destroyed! There were paint brushes everywhere. No painting was involved. And I have never seen these paint brushes before so I am not sure where they came from. There were plates, cups, napkins all over the place. I imagine it looks like something I will walk into in the future when my children throw a party at the house and think they will get away with it. Chris looked like a damn mess. Spit up on the shirt, and said "I am so happy you're home, can I please go take a shower?"

Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

On to this outfit where the fringe obsession continues!! But really, this one was too good to pass up! I love the longer length on the sleeves, and the slightly shorter hem on the sweater. It is a cropped sweater, but I sized up to a medium for a more relaxed fit. And pairing it with flares streamlines the whole look, and takes away from the boxy fit of the sweater. Simple easy pieces for a fun outfit. 

I hope everyone's start to the week is fantastic, if not, drink one more cup of coffee and pretend it's Tuesday!

around these parts....

Oct 2, 2015

fall style
Does anyone else feel like they have accomplished so much just by making it to Friday? Because, I'll tell ya, I could have thrown in the towel on Wednesday! The child attitudes in the house were on fire this week, and the snow falling outside did nothing to cool them down. I am fully blaming the change in sunlight. I too have been in a funk. It is so much harder to wake up without that glorious light beaming into my room. Every year I forget how the sunlight really does effect me. It's time to up the vitamin D, and pull out the Happy Light.

What else is going on around these parts? OH! I am finally, yes finally getting my hair done this weekend. That is unless Chris gets called into work....again. At which point I will just give up, because this hair appointment has been months in the making. First I just couldn't decide what I wanted. Then I couldn't decided who I wanted to do it. I mean I am not really attached to my hair, but I don't want to be walking around like a clown. So I have done my research, on instagram mostly. And can I tell you, that is the way to go! Hair dressers will post their hair skills, and basically you can determine whether or not that is your gal. So, fingers crossed I picked a winner! 

On the blogging front this week, I am loving this post on removable wallpaper. Since I refuse to really put a lot of time and effort into this house (I know...I'm a brat) I'm looking ahead for ideas for our new house. Yes, it will be a rental of some sort, but I will at least be able to have options and choose a house that I really like, and will like decorating. 

I also made this salmon recipe this week, and ri-dic-u-lous!!! I omitted the things that weren't whole30 and it was still amazing!! A must try. 

Pretty sure I want my table to be adorned with this tablescape for all of fall/winter/forever. So easy, and so beautiful!! Not to mention Micheal's is having some killer deals on Fall decor, so I am headed back there to get some sunflowers, and some greenery, and maybe a basket or two!

Lets talk shop shall we? As in shopp-ing. You guys, I have been in non-stop sweater buying mode. is a sickness. I bought this fringe one from Shopbop. This sweet lace up number from Asos. This beautiful colored wonder, followed by this turtleneck goodness from Forever 21. Must stop buying sweaters like now. 

Speaking of Shopbop, they just released their Principle Denim Collection. I am loving all the different styles that they have pulled together. Classics mixed with some more trendy styles of denim. And in my opinion, you can never have too much denim!

I think that is all I have to say....Odette is pulling the plug on this post. Actually she is pulling at my shirt, but same thing. 

What are your plans for the weekend?


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