bag with the fringe

Oct 25, 2015

 suede fringe bag
fringe bags for fall
fall style with fringe and boots
white denim and boots
suede and fringe bag
jacket: bb dakota via shopbop // jeans: gap 
boots: steven via shopbop // fringe bag: one by type alpha via shopbop 

The count down is on my friends! Halloween!!! The excitement between Chris and I probably makes up for the lack of enthusiasm from our children. They are like....ya ya....costume....candy....when is it again? And Chris and I are over here chomping at the bit to scare the pants off some people. 

Who are the parents in this house again? 

We spent the weekend mapping out our approach for this year. See...we take this shit seriously! We have learned since living on base that not everyone appreciates our overabundance of all things scary decor. So every year we try and up the ante. Only the brave of the brave seem to come to our house, or the parents with a little sense of fun. You can overhear many adults redirect their children from "that" house. Or if they do make it to the door they have one of two reactions...."wow, awesome house" or "don't you think it's a little too scary?" Too scary!! This is Halloween! Last year there was one house that was sooooo good! Like Chris stood there and marveled at their graveyard creation. I hope they still live here this year! If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) then you may have seen some of our Halloween additions. And I have to say, my children are not phased by the scary stuff. They actually may enjoy it a little too much as they were sword fighting with the severed limbs..... 

Anyway, this outfit is anything but scary. More safe in the mixing of neutrals territory. I love white denim all year around, so anyone who tells you to put them away after labor day, is not your friend. Rock them loud and proud all year! And this bag!! Oh em gee this bag. I am so obsessed. So many pretty elements packed in to one crossbody. The fringe, the suede, the color. Yes!! 

What is your house like on Halloween? Are you dressing up? Indulge me. 

Thank you to Shopbop for partnering this post. 


  1. Such a cute bag, I love the color.

  2. I read the title and instantly starting singing that song that goes boots with the fur.... Hope you know what I'm talking about. We don't really do outdoor decorations like for Halloween per se. But I do greatly enjoy the festive ones in the neighborhood. Letty didn't really dig the electric chair that was happening down the street. So I told her to suck it up and go ring the damn door bell. Nancy.

    1. I started singing the EXACT SAME SONG! And then the song continued in my head as I read the post, and let me just say that Flo Rida does not lend himself to any Halloween-esque-ness, but it still cracked me up.

      Also, I am a total absolute wimp when it comes to being scared. I won't do haunted houses, which I suppose is a waste since the Philly area has an over-abundance of kickass haunted houses thanks to its history. The best supposedly is Pennhurst Asylum, so if you are ever visiting family during the fall, I highly recommend. They upped their attractions this year by letting the actors touch you, take your hat, put rats on your head, etc. Basically all things that would give me a heart attack and make me pee my pants.

  3. OMG your house is one that I would totally avoid as a child! That being said, those white pants are everything. Plus, those boots are my favorite!

  4. "That house"... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!! I'm dying!



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