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Oct 28, 2015

bow & drape sweatshirt
current mood emoji sweatshirt
bow and drape sweatshirt
sweatshirt: bow & drape // jeans: j crew // heels: marciano (old, similar) // lipstick: stila beso

I really do think my mood has been some variation of this emoji all week. Just on. Halloween is near. Chris is working the strangest work schedule I have ever seen this week, which is actually driving us all crazy, BUT I refuse to let that get me down seeing as how when he is home no matter what random time that is, I have been able to sneak out for a second or two. Even just to grab a coffee, it is the breath I need before I have to jump back in to referee, or put on my janitor hat and clean up some kind of mess, or chauffeur kids from one activity to the next. We are inching our way closer to my favorite day, Halloween. Is it crazy that I much prefer this holiday to even the likes of Christmas? I do. My mom was the same way growing up, just went all out for Halloween. I actually tried to sweet talk her the other day into mayyyyybe sending me some of her decorations. She laughed and said she would not part with the zombies, but she may leave them in her will for me. I mean.....if that doesn't say love. 

But, on to this outfit and this amazing sweatshirt! Honestly, hands down the softest thing I have ever put on my body. I just want to sleep in this all day everyday. You should totally checkout this company Bow & Drape. (this is NOT a sponsored post, I am truly obsessed with them). I found this sweatshirt as part of the pop-up shop at Nordstrom's but then I had to checkout their website and came to the conclusion that I could make up my entire wardrobe with just their sweatshirts. Who knows.....maybe I will. I linked to the other sweatshirts below, that are currently at Nordstrom's. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!! 


  1. so cute! I love graphic tees/sweaters etc. They are my fav!

  2. I love me a good sweatshirt. Now if only So Cal would allow me to wear them. ha!

  3. That is such a cute sweater and you look amazing my friend!

  4. Please tell me there is also a poop emoji sweatshirt....



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