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Oct 21, 2015

Let's get into some makeup today, more specifically let me introduce you to a new makeup brand that I am falling in love with. Truly. 

I was recently introduced to the world of Doucce cosmetics and am more than impressed with what I have tried. I love trying out new lines, and finding new products that I can incorporate into my daily makeup routine. Not only that, but I like to find products that actually work and are worth telling you about. So here we go!
Doucce makeup
For this super simple face I used just a few products. I wanted to keep it really simple and just focus on the lashes, cheeks, and lips. I started out with Doucce All Day Foundation, and wow. Just wow! This stuff is beautiful. It is a full coverage foundation, and lives up to it's name, all day! This stuff covered so well that I did not even need to use a concealer! Beat that! Not to mention it dries with a silky soft finish. 

I am always hesitant to order foundation online because my coloring is kind of weird, but this matched my skin tone perfectly. I am wearing color 21A3 Hawaiian Islands.
Doucce Cosmetics
I also have to take a second to mention this packaging! I am a sucker for cute boxes, and minimalistic packaging. So brownie points for that!

Then I moved on to the lashes, using their Punk Volumizer mascara. The brush on this baby is big. B-I-G. And I love it! It really does get in there and give you some volume. I have naturally long and thick lashes, but this just gave me the goods. Highly recommend!

A couple swipes of blush and I was ready for my favorite part of every look, the lips. You guys know I love my lipsticks. So I had to try out their lip stains. Liquid to matte lipsticks are my absolute favorites. And what I really like about Doucce's Luscious Lip Stain is that you have the option to make it a sleeker look with the added gloss. But can I just tell you how pretty the matte is? I am wearing the color Winter Velvet in these pictures, but also got the color Dark Lust which is a beautiful brown. 

And that is it! 

So simple, just a few really great products to create a flawless look. 

Go check them out! 

Thank you to Doucce for partnering on this post!


  1. very pretty! love the lip stain!

  2. That lip color is so pretty!!!

  3. You didn't have to use concealer?! I need this STAT!

  4. Wow, definitely checking them out... I'm always in the market for my holy grail full coverage foundation! You look great!

  5. The stain is something I like the sounds of! Looking beautiful as usual!



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