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Oct 4, 2015

fringe sweater
fringe sweater
fringe sweater shopbop
fringe sweater for fall
fringe sweater and flares
fringe sweater endless rose
fringe sweater: shopbop // jeans: nordstrom // shoes: sam edelman (similar here)

Well well well....what have we here? Some new hair people. And man can I just tell you that my head feels SO light. Not only color wise, but the amount of hair that was removed from my head was incredible. And truly I could not be happier. As much as I loved my long hair, and will miss all the braiding and top knot action. This is just so much easier. Half the hair equals half the drying time!! Which in mom talk means half the amount of tantrums I have to listen to while styling my hair. Major win right there. 

BUT! As much as I loved getting out of the house solo, after about two hours I was over it. I am so used to just go go go, that I had a hard time sitting down for four and a half hours while we lifted all the darkness from my hair, then tackled cutting and thinning it out. I was totally over it. Not to mention, based on the texts I was receiving from Chris, he and the kids were over it too. A couple of my favorites:

"Which diapers are Odette's and which are Avalon's?"

"Do the kids just eat all day long? I feel like all I do is take food orders"

"How do you go to the bathroom? This is ridiculous"

"Are you even still getting your hair done or are you shopping?"

"Pierce peed on the floor. Avalon stepped in it. Come home"

I just laughed. When I got home I was tackled at the door by my minions. The house was destroyed! There were paint brushes everywhere. No painting was involved. And I have never seen these paint brushes before so I am not sure where they came from. There were plates, cups, napkins all over the place. I imagine it looks like something I will walk into in the future when my children throw a party at the house and think they will get away with it. Chris looked like a damn mess. Spit up on the shirt, and said "I am so happy you're home, can I please go take a shower?"

Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

On to this outfit where the fringe obsession continues!! But really, this one was too good to pass up! I love the longer length on the sleeves, and the slightly shorter hem on the sweater. It is a cropped sweater, but I sized up to a medium for a more relaxed fit. And pairing it with flares streamlines the whole look, and takes away from the boxy fit of the sweater. Simple easy pieces for a fun outfit. 

I hope everyone's start to the week is fantastic, if not, drink one more cup of coffee and pretend it's Tuesday!


  1. Welcome to the short hair club! I think you'll like it here ;)

  2. I love the outfit. I love the hair. Love it all. It looks amazing on you. For a second it tempted me to have shorter hair. ;) I always feel like the house is a wreck when I leave Matt with the kids too! Dad thing? Such troopers though hooking us up like that.

  3. "Do they eat all day?" LMAO! Yes, it keeps them quiet and occupied. Come on Dad. :P

  4. I love your hair! It looks great!! And too funny with Chris! Is it terrible that I enjoy getting those types of messages from John? Haha!

  5. Love your hair!! And the outfit.

    And my kids eat all day, too.

  6. Love your hair! I have a cut and colour booked for later in the week (first colour in my hair in like 10 years?!) and you just made me even more excited.
    My favourite text from your husband was - are you sure you're not finished and shopping now haha! You wouldn't sneak a second errand in would ya? (I'm not gonna say I'm not guilty of that myself ;)

  7. I love your hair! It turned out amazing!

  8. I am OBSESSED with your new 'do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look fabulous!

  9. so hilarious. 4 kids and my husband is a hot mess after i do solo things lol. Love your hair girl!



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