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Oct 18, 2015

asos lace front sweater
fall outfit style
zara ankle sock boots
lace front sweater
fall outfit inspiration
sweater: asos // jeans: blank denim // shoes: zara (similar here)
scarf: zara (similar here and here) // sunglasses: rayban // lipstick: butter london in toff

How was everyone's weekend?? Low key? Ours was totally low key...kind of. The rain just won't stop here. Like can't stop. Won't stop. I have totally lost count with how many weeks it has been raining. Ace's school has given up on recess I am sure. I mean, I never thought I would say this......but give me snow any day over the rain. At least there are things to do in the snow. Puddle jumping can only last so long. 

The indoor activities have already begun. Usually I don't get desperate enough to seek indoor enclosures until we are dealing with some negative temps. but this weekend I said why not? A new trampoline park opened in Anchorage and we decided to check it out. It was totally fun for the kids, hell it probably would have been fun for Chris and I except I was watching my children's brains get bounced around like bobble heads! Having the time of their lives. Completely terrifying for me. Not to mention when other kids get bouncing and then there are just bodies flying through the air. And this is just the kid zone!! We paid for an hour initially, but the kids were like, hell no we won't go. So I made the executive parental decision to tire them out some more, and possibly risk more whiplash. 

Fun for all ages. 

This outfit on the other hand is all fun for me, as Chris said "what kind of boots are those?". These my fashion forward husband are sock boots. The newest fall trend that I am all over. Thick heel, easy to walk in, slides right on thanks to the "sock" like texture. Love love love. Give me all the sock boots. And blanket scarfs, because those double as so many things. Scarves, blankets, breastfeeding cover, umbrella, napkin, the list goes on. Basically a moms best to coffee. 



  1. Your hair looks amazing in this picture! Love it!

  2. I cannot handle trampolines all. One time I watched someone jumping on one in their backyard, only to try to do some crazy ass trick and land sideways, head landing directly on the springs. NO SIR, I AM GOOD TO NEVER EVER BOUNCE TANDEM. Now, those that part tight around your ankles and lined with fleece or something? I just envision my feet sweating!

  3. Sock boots!! What will they think of next! Indoor bounce places are terrifying. Simply terrifying.

  4. Trampoline parks are popping up everywhere... it's crazy!!!!



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