All Hallows' Eve

Nov 1, 2015

Just like's over!

I hate it. I wish Halloween was like a week long event. Every night a new costume. Switch up some of the scary decor. Friends and their kids in costume coming to celebrate. I just love it. And while the Internet is celebrating the return of the Starbuck's red cup, and chomping at the bit to pull out the red stockings. I just want to put up more spider webs outside. haha! 

But seriously this year was just way too much fun. Chris and I have embarrassingly realized that we enjoy this holiday far too much. We sent out the warning to our friends that our house would be a little spooky, and I think Chris went so far as to say "ya....Kelsey kind of gets into Halloween....weird thing is she doesn't decorate too much for Christmas". The man speaks the truth. 
family halloween costumes
The house was so fun! And all the adults took turns blasting people with the fog machine as they approached the door. Clearly the best part of the night. Don't worry we aren't that messed up....we didn't do it to any of the brave toddlers that walked up. Just the tweens and teens. But they LOVED it!! And we gave them extra candy for their enthusiasm. 

Parents of toddlers though....not happy Halloween campers. One mom was super pissed when her son made it alllllllll the way to the door, and I didn't have time to warn them before the giant spider popped out of the corner. Tears! So many tears, and so many apologies from me and me basically offering the crying child all of our candy and possibly my unborn child if he could give me a nod that he was okay. I even let him kick the crawling zombie just so he knew it was all fake! He walked away with a smile. 

My children however were recruiting kids from all corners to bring them to their "haunted house". Their friends loved it. And we walked away with only one formal complaint about the severed head hanging from the roof. I'd say it was fantastic! 
We made sure to hit up the Halloween store yesterday to raid their sale. That's how you get the good stuff people. We scored a couple life size additions for next year. But I kind of want to stick them out for Christmas.....maybe with a wreath around their neck? No? 

Have I told you how much our neighbors hate us? They do. 

I'm cool with it. 

We are all about having fun. And if my kids are having fun, then mission accomplished. 

The kids were so into trick or treating this year. Ace was more into hanging with his friends, because I guess that's how kindergartners do it. But Avalon was queen bee! Had to go to the door on her own, had to ring the door bell, had to ask for candy as loud as possible. It was great. It was cold, so the kids did a speed round of trick or treating before they ran back to the house for pizza and candy over load. Then we all spied out the windows at the brave souls who wondered to our crazy house. 

I am already looking forward to next year! 

How was your weekend? How much of your children's candy have you stolen? 


  1. I wish Halloween lasted longer too, it's such a fun day! I love your costumes, so awesome!

  2. I would probably shit my pants if I had to go into your haunted house. I can't even watch scary movie trailers...!

  3. I was dying at your snapchats this morning. My goodness. You take it to a whole new level and I love you for it my friend. Beware to the faint of heart!!!

  4. Your makeup looks awesome! And the kids look adorable!!!! (Also: after creeping on the comments above, I realize we need to be Snapchat friends, STAT.)

  5. I would also shit my pants at your house. I am such a wimp. I don't want my son to be a wimp like me but when he sees mommy screaming and jumping in fear at the surprise decor... well, let's just say he's good at mimicking.

  6. I love your costumes and your Halloween enthusiasm!!!!!! Dannika didn't want to go trick or treating with me and Mattis this year. She wanted to go with the group of big kids. :(

    1. I think that will be Ace for sure next year. He had his friends with us, but he still included Pierce and Avalon.



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