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Nov 8, 2015

Well, the weekend has come and gone, and with it went date night/ military ball/ mini staycation. And I think my body is still recovering. I ain't gettin any younger folks, and I know now that I indeed have a bedtime, and it does not look like 3 am! More like nine. So go ahead and sign me up for a room at the nursing home, because I will be there in no time! 

Friday night started off with the kids playing twenty questions as to why there was a small suitcase on my bed, and why I locked the door so I could do my hair and makeup, and why oh why weren't they getting dressed as well. I'll be honest, leaving them, even with my mom is rough for me. Especially when they turn up the drama and the "noooooo don't leave me, what will I do without you?". But Chris kept directing me to the car with the statement "we are going to be late."
military ball in tadashi shoji
(dress is tadashi shoji

We weren't late for the ball. Which was a good time as far as those things go. Shake a bunch of hands, smile at people I don't know, eat food, listen to the guest speaker, and say see ya next year! Truly I was looking forward to going to our favorite wine bar The Whale's Tail because if I am going to cheat on our whole30 lifestyle, it is going to be with massive amounts of bacon mac and cheese! And we ordered three of them. We promised our friends that they would be put into a food coma of goodness with this concoction, and they were skeptical. But never doubt a dairy induced food critic, and they all were making borderline inappropriate noises with every bite that went in their mouths. 
We tasted wine, we ate, I sent one too many texts to my mom annoying the crap out of her to give me in depth details of every child. And we had fun. Which is the goal right? When you very rarely ever go anywhere without your children you really do appreciate conversations with your friends, uninterrupted conversations. Well, that's not true. I had to run up to our hotel room and pump since my milk supply was like, where is a baby? Give me a baby!! All the friends we were with do not happen to have children. They have been around our children many times, but they did not fully understand the intensity of the childless situation at hand for Chris and I. 

Although, we should really learn how to not eat like barbarians. We are conditioned to shovel food in our mouths, and truly hit max speed potential if standing up. But we tried to take it easy. 

After it was all said and done, we headed back to our room and stupidly thought we could rent a movie, I think we both lasted ten minutes and the next thing you know my alarm goes off. There is a text from my mom telling me that all children were up and alive, and she can't figure out the apple tv. 
military ball gown
We figured we should get up and moving before the kids declare war, and we came baring gifts of coffee to my mom....and ourselves. Many many cups of coffee. The kids wasted no time in letting us know how much they missed us, and how they thought we left them forever, and how grandma doesn't know how to put on cartoons. And instead made them listen to classical music which Pierce said was "vampire music and it was awful". 

We told the kids we would take them to get a new toy if they would take a family nap.....I think the only ones that napped were my mom and Odette. 

But they survived, and we had fun. 

So see you next year date night.......


  1. You look stunning. Fact. I'm glad that everyone survived the night apart! And that there were no hangovers. Because I can tell you from recent experience how fun that was.

  2. you guys look awesome! love the dress. glad u had fun!

  3. gorgeous! that dress, your hair, your make up.. EVERYTHING!

  4. LOL! I loved every single thing about this! Plus, you two looking smokin' at the ball!

  5. You. Looked. PERFECT! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I got toys for taking naps. LOL

  6. Kelsey!! You are absolutely STUNNING!! That dress is gorgeous on you!!!

  7. Your dress and hair are absolutely stunning! I don't look like that after 1 kid, much less 4! Wow!

  8. You looked absolutely stunning! I love the dress!

    1. Thank you friend!! I can't wait to see you in your dress :)

  9. So pretty, and so fun! Every time I tried to go to the Whales Tail it was closed :( glad to hear you had a fun date night!

  10. Sounds like a great night and that dress is amazing!

  11. ❤❤ Tadashi and you wear it well!!



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