bronzed makeup

Nov 4, 2015

I am a creature of habit. Although I like to try new things and experiment, once I find something that works, I tend to stick with it for awhile. This makeup look is something I have been constantly wearing for the last month. Maybe not all the elements put together every time, but more or less the same thing. Variations of brown are where I feel most comfortable when it comes to makeup. And my obsession with brown lipstick this season knows no bounds. For me, this is a look that goes on fairly quickly if I am only interrupted a handful of times to refill water cups, or retrieve a stolen toy. 

I will list all the products used at the bottom of the post. 

I just started with a primer, then used a beauty blender to apply my foundation. Next, I added concealer to my under eye area, making an upside down triangle underneath my eyes, and then blending that out. I also put a line of concealer down my nose, and blend it. 

Then I used a bronzer and blush combination on my cheeks, and topped with a highlighter. 
I then just filled in my eye brows with a tinted eyebrow gel. Moving on to the eye shadow, I used my Butter London palette and did a base of dark brown, and topped it with a bronze shade in the middle. Then blended the top with a lighter shade up to my brows. 

A few coats of mascara and those are done! 
I finished the whole look off with a slightly brown matte liquid lipstick. 

It seems kind of like a lot, but I can promise you the process goes really fast. 

Boom. Done! 

Products Used:

primer: smashbox
foundation: doucce
bronzer/blush: neutrogena
highlighter: lorac
eyeshadow: butter london in matte chocolate brown, quartz, and matte vanilla
mascara: loreal 
lipstick: doucce in dark lust

So, I have to ask.....I have been getting quite a few requests for makeup and hair tutorials. With a few skincare questions. Is this something that anyone really wants to see (other than the people that have emailed me?). I mean, clearly that is not in the realm of my normal posting, but something I am totally willing to incorporate if that will help you out with some hair and makeup tips. Let me know. Or just say, Kelsey, no. Just no. 

I can take it. 


  1. Im always a fan of mom-on-the-go makeup tutorials that still look like you put a lot of work in but in reality were easy. Love the brown. I want to try lipstick but I feel like its too sophisticated for me lol

    1. I am all about that too. My makeup routine is always pretty quick, so I will try and share some videos soon :)

  2. I absolutely love this look, the lip color is amazing on you.

  3. love that eye color! and I love make up and hair tutorials.

  4. Definitely a yes to hair and makeup tutorials!

  5. Stunning, per usual! And yes to tutorials!

  6. I clearly haven't changed a thing with my routine since 1998. So. Yes. But it would have to be super quick for my world to still work. So you know. Do that for me. I'm kidding. ;)



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