hint of leather

Nov 3, 2015

 plaid coat for fall
h&m leather blazer
fall style
blazer and flares
layering for fall and winter
h&m blazer with leather
h&m faux leather blazer
plaid coat: oasap c/o // blazer: h&m // tee: vince // jeans: nordstrom
boots: nordstrom (similar options here)

I'm not sure if there is a season called pre-winter here in Alaska, but I think that is what we are experiencing. I will have to ask around. We have snow, cold temps, some trees still have fall colored leaves. I have not changed the tires on my car yet, so pre-winter. It's a thing. 

In any event it is time to bust out the heavy layers. And then just keep them out until May. 

For me, a coat is just icing on the cake to an outfit, since I plan on taking it off as soon as I can no longer see my breath! I bought this faux leather blazer at H&M awhile ago, but it was recently restocked online. And $40 you can't beat it. I love blazers! And for fall and winter they can always just take your outfit up a notch. For this outfit especially, where I am just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the blazer really ties it all together. 

On to more happenings in the hood, my mom is coming for a visit this week so we are on clean all the things mode. Mainly, the microwave. Not that our microwave is dirty all the time, but my mom is a legit crazy person about the microwave. Mom if you're reading this, Chris and I discussed just buying a brand spanking new one for you. Does anyone's mom have a cleaning quirk? I remember growing up, my mom would wipe the microwave down multiple times a day. And as my siblings and I grew up and got places of our own we always knew.....shit, moms coming, bleach the microwave!!! I can promise you on her way to the guest bedroom she will stop and open my microwave. Crazy lady! 

And that's my story. 


  1. Have fun with your mom!!!! :D Totally dying over the microwave discussion between you and Chris! lololol

  2. I have decided that you need to come here and go shopping with me. Teach me your ways!

    1. How fun would that be!!! Shopping date? Florida maybe? :)

  3. That is hysterical about the microwave. My mom's thing is dead heading flowers. Heavens to Betsy if we have not dead headed our annuals.

  4. If Clorox doesn't clean it, I don't want it in my house. However! I usually microwave a bowl of hot water to loosen up all the disgusting dirt in the microwave and then wipe it all down.

  5. That blazer and that coat, need em!! And my mom is a clean freak of all things. If it's not done her way, she re-cleans.



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