jeweled shoulder

Nov 18, 2015

sweater: j crew // blazer: banana republic // jeans: old navy // shoes: converse 

Okay, guys. Don't think I am a total creep, but, who is ready to open their house up to me and my heathens? It is too damn cold for me. Like, nose hairs freezing upon opening the door. My windows frozen shut. And my children saying, "but mom it too cold to go out there, just leave me inside". So we are seeking refuge....preferably somewhere that is in the 60's, sunshine, a light jacket possibly required. Anyone got that? Don't tempt me.....

But really I have nothing to complain about because while we were indoors trying to make new friends at a playgroup (more on that in a second) Chris was enduring a twelve mile ruck march in -10 degree weather. Kind of puts heat and seat warmers into perspective. 

And as far as Pierce making friends in's gunna be touch and go. He is his mothers son. Tells it like it is. No filter, no holding back, just pure honesty. He told a kid he smelled. I mean, he said it not me. And he didn't say it discretely. It was in a very four year old observation fashion, also known as LOUD! Safe to say we are back to the drawing board when it comes to finding new indoor places to go. 

Which brings me to outfit planning when living in Alaska. If you know you will be entering the great indoors then throwing on a cute sweater is still a necessity. You will eventually peel off the layers. And this grey jeweled number is too perfect. The back zipper pretty much sold me, I mean the details. I did however dress it down with some high tops, but it could just as easily transition to night with a pair of killer grey pumps. 

Do we agree? Yes. Okay. 


  1. Gotta love a brutally honest kid! Lol.

    1. Right? I mean, I don't want to tell him to lie. haha

  2. Haha brutally honest kids to me are the best!

  3. The combination of jewels and high tops is awesome! LOVE it!
    Bahahaha @ Pierce telling a kid he smelled!

  4. Looking flawless as usual. And damn the cold.



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