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Nov 10, 2015

J Crew Cable Knit Sweater
J Crew Sweaters
J Crew Turtleneck Sweater
J Crew Outfit for Fall
J Crew Cable Knit Sweater
sweater: j crew // jeans: blank denim via shopbop 
purse: tory burch (old, more options here)// boots: shopbop

Coffee, camel, and cafe's! I could go for a little of that right now. Yesterday school was cancelled for any and all children, which kind of threw a wrench in our daily routine. But grandma was pretty happy about it because that was just more time with the kids. And I can't blame her, it is hard on all of us to live so far away from each other. Especially with the holidays coming up. So we are soaking it all in. Although I have to say, she looks forward to bed time as well. And says things like "I don't know how you do this" or "I'm surprised you don't have a drinking problem". You and me both mama. Especially when you hear things first thing in the morning like "mom I think there is poop on the floor" or a fight breaking out over someone looking at them while they eat breakfast. Or my absolute favorite from yesterday, Pierce trying to teach Avalon how to pee standing up.....not successful. 

No one ever said it would be easy....but it's pretty worth it! 

Another thing that is worth it? A sweater collection. This camel colored beauty is the newest addition, and I think I need it in all colors. Over sized turtleneck, soft as can be, and the classic cable knit. Just perfect! And in perfect time for another snowfall. We spent the majority of yesterday outside, and took breaks to come in and guzzle down some nutella hot chocolate (coffee for me!), while checking on some yummy potato soup for an early dinner. Chris pulled in the driveway at some point and said...."look at you out here having fun! Who would have thought". Ha-ha-ha. I can let loose in the snow when I am not holding an infant. So boo-ya fun parent, simmer on that!! 

How was your Monday? 


  1. Wow a snow day already! Madness. But at least you had your mama there to make it so much better!

  2. love this look! can't believe you have snow. we're freezing in the 60 degree temps here!

  3. I love that sweater, it looks so comfy!

    1. So soft and perfect for the chilly temps!

  4. I haven't seen snow since 2011. I don't know how I would act if I saw it now and Hubs wants to go to Alaska next! No thanks! LOL I feel you on the away from family thing, I'm literally floating in the middle of the Pacific.

  5. Really? Pierce's idea didn't work? I can't imagine! Love the turtleneck, though. I have a bit of an unholy love for turtlenecks, but it just won't quite get cold enough here for me to break them out.



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