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Nov 15, 2015

fall outfit inspiration
quilted leather jacket, Zara
Gap velvet pants
Gap Burgundy Velvet Pants
Winter Outfit

jacket: zara (old, super similar here) // sweater: oldnavy  
pants: gap (this years version, and love these!) // boots: zara (old, similar here)

I'm cold. No joke, this weekend was just too cold. I know, I know, every time the cold temps roll in this blog becomes a weather filled play by play, and I apologize in advance. But, the weather in Alaska is always changing and no matter how many weather apps I download, no one ever gets it just right. In any event....we persevered. 

My mom left late last night and we are hating it. My mom is so used to a fast paced lifestyle, that when she comes up here she is just in constant motion. Constantly cleaning, cussing the fact that every room in my house has some outrageous number of toys. She was vacuuming non.stop. I kept telling her, you might as well wait until they go to sleep or you will drive yourself crazy picking the same things up over and over again.....in one ear out the other. She picked up the same basket of toys, and Odette would crawl over and dump it. Endless entertainment for me. 

The other thing my mom likes to do is shop. She taught me all she knows growing up. Going to Target with her is lethal. I mean she just picks up whatever and puts it in the cart. Ulta with her was so bad too. But she made a good case for me against Chris because he was like wow, Kelsey is like a kitten compared to this shopping beast! Apple...tree...you know how it goes. 

And with the temps being crazy, the sunlight decreasing, I just want to wear any and all fabrics. Velvet pants, mixed with some cable knit, and blanketed with quilted leather. An outfit ready to take on any shopping mall, and ice filled parking lot. Just walk with caution.....


  1. I love the color of the pants, it's such a perfect fall color.

  2. Looking good! And all that snow kills me! Literally. Too soon for that business. Moms are just the best aren't they?

  3. Can your mom come to my house, pleeeasssee? My mother is significantly messier than I am and leaves a tornado behind whenever she comes over to "help" (hence I've taken to sending my child to her house - keep the tornado over there). Your mother sounds like an angel from heaven.



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