photo dump

Nov 13, 2015

Happy Friday party people!!! In honor of Friday, why not throw up a random post full of random pictures? I was looking through my camera roll the other day and thought, so many pictures, so little post cohesion. And with that I dump all my random moments on to you, you're welcome. 

First up, Chris' promotion last week. In true Army fashion, we were told the promotion would take place inside because there was so much ice outside. So, I got the kids dressed in cute little coordinating outfits only to be told once I pulled into the parking lot that the promotion would take place outside. COME ON! I mean, coordinating outfits only happen once in a chaotic morning. So I had to scramble to find whatever cold weather gear I had stuffed in the back of the car. Not much matched, Pierce's boots are too small, and Avalon had no gloves. But the promise of donuts kept them happy. 
I loved pinning Chris because I have been with him since he was a private. Since before there were velcro ranks, when pinning really was a pin, and they would jam it through your uniform and pierce your skin. The picture above pretty much sums up Chris and I. eternal goof ball....and him....just trying to keep his composure. God, I love him!
You know what else I love? This damn macaroni and cheese!!! Anchorage people, get to the Whale's Tail. Better yet, get take out or something. I cannot stop thinking about the food. I think that is the hard part of eating whole30 as our regular diet. The second you cheat, the cravings come back so hard and it is like pressing the reset button. But, I am not pressing that button just yet because grandma is leaving this weekend so we are planning on sneaking out for one last date night :)

A shot of my cute little shopping buddy! She is all about being held right now. No car seat sitting, no carriers, no stroller. Just mom and her hip as a perch, and my arm hitting muscle failure. But how can I say no to that face? 

Every time my mom comes to town she has her own little Alaska shopping routine. We have to run into Second Run, a cute consignment store downtown. Grab a cup of coffee and a few pastries from Fire Island Bakery, and then go through Ozarks, the mecca of home furnishings. It's pretty great. She makes me feel normal with my spending habits ;)

And finally, grandma and her merry minions. My mom owns her own business and wanted me to snap a few updated head shots for her, so after we had a little glam session I got behind the camera. I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to throw the kids in there. My mom usually visits us up here about every six months. Which is so so hard, and the kids change so much in that time that I wanted them all in the moment. Dirty faces, pajama shirts, and after school beanie hair. The best!

And I have wasted too much of your time today, so have a great weekend!


  1. Awww looks like Grandma is having a blast with the kiddos. We haven't been to the whale's tail yet but you had me at Macaroni and Cheese. :)

  2. Congrats to Chris on his promotion!!! :)

  3. Great picture! I love the ones with your mom. Grandmas and kids are so cute together. :)

  4. Omg I didn't realize how much O resembles her until this up close shot. What beautiful pics!

  5. Oh I love the head shots w the kids!!! That's what dreams are made of. And oh girl I feel ya on the whole arm muscle situation. Me and a certain someone were all over Epcot in such a way.



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