Side swept curls tutorial

Nov 25, 2015

Hello friends! So I finally, finally got a video tutorial done! I know that many of you guys have been asking for me to get some started, so I figured I would start with a recent look that got a lot of questions. The hair I did for military ball a couple weeks ago. Super simple, and perfect for all your holiday parties!

But on another note, my hats goes off to all the YouTube mavens out there! Getting a video done is no easy task, at least not for me. The lighting....the camera angles....the children. So allow me to give you an excuse to laugh today, because none of those things were working in my favor!

Products Used:

If you have any questions, or you would like me to torture you with some other videos, let me know!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for the tutorial! Your hair is beautiful :)

  2. Nice video, so much easier to replicate from video.

  3. Hey I'm such a fan of vlogs. For real though. Keep it up!!

  4. You make it looks so easy! Great job with the video! Your editting and piecing stuff together is worlds ahead of anything I know how to do!

  5. 1. More videos, please. and 2. That is my favorite dry shampoo, ever! Suave sometimes gives it a run for its money, but NYM is my fave!

  6. This tutorial was great! It didn't come off as awkward at all. I can never get teased hair as smooth looking as yours... But I've only tried a few times, so now that I have this tutorial, I'm motivated to try again. :) Thank you!



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