the perfect topper

Nov 11, 2015

sheinside color block coat
color block coat
color block coat from sheinside
color block coat: sheinside c/o // grey tee: nordstrom // jeans: oldnavy // lipstick: lorac in goddess

Is it winter where you are? It is winter here in Alaska. Fall went by always does. But now we are getting to some pretty frigid temps. So cold that outside play isn't really an option with the little ones. The other night I decided to make a list of indoor things and places for us to go. Since all the kids aren't home full time during the week, and after school activities mean we spend a lot of time in the car, the few hours during the day I just want to have fun. Having grandma here this week means lots of play-doh, have I ever told you how much she loves play-doh? It's true. And have I ever told you how much I do not love that stuff? So you can imagine the Christmas like cheer that has rung out loud and clear from my children. "Oh mom hates that stuff!!!" or "Grandma you are the best!!" (she is really). What happens when grandma leaves? We load up and go to the indoor jungle gym. Or open gym classes! 

And while we make that parking lot stroll from inside the car to inside the building, you will probably catch me in this coat. I know you all have seen it one too many times on the gram....but you know what they say...if it ain't broke.....

I love this because the color blocking is amazing, the colors are on point, and it is just the right length. Not to mention it is all of $33!!!! I mean. Go get it. It really is well made, and a piece I will wear long after this winter. 

Now if you will excuse me I think my mother just told the kids they could have another cookie. No.

Color me the fun sponge. 


  1. Seriously come be my personal shopper?! Pretty please?! :)

  2. Wow that coat is a steal! I love it. And I hate playdoh. That is what grandmothers are for.



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