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Dec 4, 2015

Cute Fall Outfits
Black and White long vest
Fall Mom Style
How to where a vest for fall
vest: second run a local boutique (similar here and here) // turtleneck: zara // jeans: j crew
shoes: zara (old, almost identical pair here) // purse: rebecca minkoff

ace's outfit: shirt: old navy // jeans: gap // boots: target

Oh Ace, this crazy five year old of mine. He very rarely wants to be in pictures. He runs every time the big camera comes out. He has to keep his ultra cool persona at all times, which is, mom you can walk with me but try not to hold my hand. So when he jumped out of the car to take a few pictures my heart almost burst. I looked at Chris and said "just keep clicking, this may never happen again!"

It might have had to do with the fact that he was on his way to see his early Christmas present, a puppy that will be joining this crazy ass house today. Please, pray for the puppy! 

Ace has been asking for a dog everyday since he could say the word dog. And now that he can spell the word he writes it on everything! He has broken me down, tag teamed me with Chris into round and round conversations about a dog. For years I held my ground. I was like, hell to the no! All I do is clean up human waste everyday, the last thing I need is to clean up after a dog too. I tried explaining to them that neither one of them is home very much. Chris....work. Ace....school and extra curricular activities. So the dog responsibility falls solely on me. Four kids and a dog. 

But, Ace is an amazing kid. He drives me up a freaking wall every day and makes me want to melon ball my eyes out. But he is like no other five year. He is incredibly cognizant of the things going on around him. Always five steps ahead of everyone. He knows what you are thinking, and how to manipulate you before you even have a chance. He is a perfectionist. He is a strict routine kind of kid. And you really only have to ask him to do something once and he will do it that way forever. Which made me think he would actually be the perfect kid to have a dog. 

Not to mention I am a crazy animal person. Growing up with horses, goats, pigs, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, you name it I brought it home. My first job in high school was at a pet store, and every summer starting at 12 I apprenticed at my equine vets office. I was constantly around animals. Smuggling them into my house. Trying to hide puppies in my bathroom, thinking no one will notice. When I went to college I enrolled in pre-veterinary classes. Needless to say I get attached. And that attachment scares me because we have been down this road before. When Chris and I got married Chris got me a dog that I have been dreaming about since  was little, an english bulldog. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. He was my baby. I took him everywhere with me, to work, to my horses, even places he probably shouldn't have been. But when we had Ace he did not take to him too well. His whole personality changed. We went through all the steps to introduce him to a baby and it wasn't happening. When Ace started crawling Monster hated life. He would do everything he could to get away from him. When Ace was nine months old he walked over to Monster who was laying down and Monster snapped on him. It was so scary and I was heartbroken. Monster was to me and everyone else the sweetest dog. But he was so jealous of Ace. We were scared to have them around each other. We worked with a trainer to see if we could get Monster to come around, but nothing. It came down to the trainer telling me that she didn't think it was safe for Ace to be in the house with him. 

I literally cried all the time thinking about having to get rid of him. We worked with some amazing people to find him a great home. We interviewed so many families to see who he clicked with, and we finally found one. In my eyes no one was good enough. But, we were between a rock and a hard place. This couple has been in touch with me ever since. They send me pictures of Monster in his Halloween costume, and when they take him to see Santa every year. He is their whole world. 

So it took me a long time to get over that. To not be afraid to bring in another dog. It took five years, and here we are, about to embark on the potty training, chewing, puppy chaos all over again. And can I tell you we are so freaking excited!!!! 


  1. Yay this is so exciting! What an awesome new addition to your family! :)

  2. Ahhh a puppy!! I want a puppy, and so do the girls.

  3. I am so freaking excited for you! Can't wait to see all the photos!!!!! XO

  4. First of all your kids are killing it with the photos lately. Secondly, I am so sorry about monster. I'm not a dog person but I can imagine that would be so very difficult having grown up with dogs of my own. Not the same I know. But so sad for you. This will be the one! You're crazy. But you got this!!! ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Ace! I'm sure the puppy will be an adventure for sure. :)



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