a special bond: with nene shoes

Dec 3, 2015

It has been previously stated on this blog, and my family can attest to the idea, that I wanted to have four boys. I mean clearly in my young married naive state I thought, oh well I have some control over that. I have a couple sisters. I wanted boys. I was always a tomboy growing up. I hung out with cowboys, bull riders, barrel racers. I did boy things. I wasn't afraid to get a little dirty on the ranch. But I also loved to come home and wash off the muck and the mud and get a little glam. 
Nene Shoes
When we had Ace I was so excited, and even more excited to give him a brother. People would always ask me "are you going to go for a girl?" and I always thought....no, I'd be happy with another boy. My mother in law would always tell me how much I needed a girl. She really knew me. She would tell me how there is nothing like the love of a daughter. How they can change your whole world. I always kind of laughed her off, like....ya....we will see. 
Matching shoes, with Nene Shoes.
Cute mom and daughter matching shoes
When I got pregnant with Avalon my mother in law was the first person I told. She was so happy and said "I know it is a girl, I just know". Sure enough little Avalon changed our world like nothing we could have ever imagined. From day one she was so different than the boys. Even now, she has her own interests, her own way of doing things, a sense of independence that is night and day compared to them. 

She is fierce, and strong, and loving, and sweet, but she has an attitude that will keep you in your place. I would be lying if I said that we all don't just cater to her. She reminds me so much of my mother in law it is scary. She looks just like her, nothing like me, nothing like Chris, just her. Down to the toes on her feet. Trust me, my mother in law had a distinct set of toes. Avalon has them exactly. I had an instant bond with Cheryl, from the day I heard her voice on the phone, she was the most genuinely sweet person I had ever met. When she was diagnosed with ALS it was like a thousand knives cutting you at once. Not just for me, but for everyone she had ever met. She was just such an incredible soul.
Nene Matching Shoes
Nene mommy and me shoes
Chris says all the time, "I know this seems weird, but I feel like with Avalon here there is still apart of my mom with me. Like somehow my mom knew we needed her in our lives." I couldn't agree more. Cheryl was the girliest of girls. Makeup, hair, shopping. All things I was never into until I was much older. Avalon is in love with all of those things. Every morning she says "okay mommy, makeup time!". She has Chris paint her nails. She would love nothing more than to peruse the aisles of any store. It is hilarious and incredible to watch her. 
Nene ballet flats
We have such a special bond, the same kind of instant bond I had with Cheryl. A bond that only a mother and daughter can have. A bond that I share with not only Avalon, but now Odette. A bond that is strengthened by the simplest of things, like matching shoes. Shoes that make Avalon say "mommy you have princess shoes just like me! We best friends." Those pink little shoes that she grabs when we get ready to walk out the door, and she takes it upon herself to grab mine too.
Nene pink ballet flats
Moments like that, that I understand what a mom and daughter bond is all about. It's just a little different than with boys. Nothing more, nothing less, just a special kind of different. One that I am sure I will have to remind myself of as we get closer to the teenage years, but let's just live in the moment shall we?

A huge thank you to Nene Shoes for partnering on this post, and providing a special gift for myself and Avalon. They are also offering Pardon My French readers a 10% discount site wide, use code PMF10 at checkout. Code is good through December 10th. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I love these photos!!! :)

  2. This is the sweetest post. Avalon looks so grown up!

  3. Oh my goodness. This post. These pictures. I'm so glad that a part of your mother-in-law lives on! I know it means so much to Matt to see parts of his dad in the boys. I wish I had more of a special bond with Letty but we are more oil and water. Lol. That's why I wanted Dom to be a boy!!

  4. Beautiful pictures of you and Avalon. I got choked up reading this blog, but they were happy tears. Avalon reminds me of my sister too. I didn't know she had my sisters toes. I think my Aunt Mary had those toes and my cousin Carol Daly. My sister loved to shop. When Ashley first started to talk she said " I wanna go to the Mallllllllll" Cracks me up just thinking about it. Love you all!

  5. How freaking cute! It's incredible how much she's grown! A little fashionista!

  6. This was such a beautiful post, Kelsey! Daughters are fun :) Also, I thought of you when I saw a sweater at target that said Pardon my French on it ;)

  7. I absolutely love this. What a sweet little girl, and it sounds like your mother in was nothing short of amazing.

  8. Oh my gosh this is such a beautiful post and those pictures of you and her are just precious!



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