Holiday Makeup Looks

Dec 21, 2015

I always get excited for Holiday parties because that means I get one more excuse to play with makeup. So today I wanted to show you two makeup looks that I will be sportin to a party or two. I know it seems crazy to have a makeup look all picked out, but for me it is a time saver if I already know what works. It all goes hand in hand, the outfit, the hair, and the makeup. No need to hide from the cameras when they get pulled out. 

There are two looks I am going with this year. A sleek gold and red look, and a more subtle eye look with a bold lip. Both are super easy, and will no doubt have you looking good come party time!
Holiday Makeup
Holiday Inspired Makeup

For this look I started with my hair first. Just take a comb and zig-zag part your hair. Starting at the front just drag your comb back and forth through your hair creating that zig-zag look. Then pull it all back and secure in a tight pony tail. Use a few bobby pins too, to keep it really tight! Then spray the hell out of that hair!

Moving along to the makeup, I started with a full coverage foundation, I used Estee Lauders Double Wear. Applied with a beauty blender

Next, I contoured the sides of my nose with a NYX conturing stick, and blended it out with my beauty blender. Then started to highlight with Estee Lauder concealer. Making a line down my nose and a heavy highlight under my eyes. Then blend it out. 

Added some color to my cheeks using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends in Sunkissed. I also added a little extra glow to the tops of my cheek bones using Benefit High beam.  

On to the eye, I used Butter London's Eye Shadow Palette in Natural Charm. I stuck to the gold colors in the palette, Beige Sheen and Coral Sheen. I also took the Coral Sheen and added it under my lower lashes for a smokey look. Topped it off with the new Marc Jacobs O! Mega LashMascara (new love!) on my top and bottom lashes.

The lips seal the deal for this look. I used Bite Beauty's Fraise red lip crayon, and these crayons are my new favorites. They glide on so easily, and the colors are amazing.

That is it for this sleek look!

Moving on to a little less eye, and a whole lotta lip!
Holiday Makeup Lipstick NARS Liv
For this look I wanted to just play up my lips and keep it real simple on the eyes. So I started with my same face routine as above. Foundation, contour, and highlight. Then I used MAC's Mineralized Blush in Skinfinish. 

For my eyes, I used the same Marc Jacobs mascara, and just did a simple quick eyeliner smudged into my lash line, using MAC's Rebeleyes Technakohl Liner.  Then to really make my eyes look bigger and more awake, I used a nude liner by NYX. People always think that to make your eyes really pop you need black liner. It is the opposite, if you want to make them look bigger you want to neutralize your lash line. So by using a nude or white liner in your waterline you are making them appear bigger. Just add mascara to your bottom lashes to make your eyes really stand out!

I wanted a to go for a vampy look, so I pulled out my favorite deep plum lipstick. NARS in the color Liv. I know dark lips can be kind of intimidating, but by keeping everything else simple and clean you really only need to focus on the lips.

Done and done!

Do you have a go-to holiday look?


  1. I LOVE the first look! I rocked the red over the weekend too! It's perfect for Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous makeup. Question: did you start using a new editing tool for your pictures? Because, they have a weird glow around them and honestly, you are gorgeous, you don't need the editing :) Just a thought from a loyal reader :)

    1. Ha! Thank you, no new editing tools, I have just been playing with light since we have zero natural light to work with up here. Clearly still working on it!

  3. love both looks! I keep hearing so many good things about beauty blenders, do you like it better than a brush?


    1. SO GOOD!!! Yes, I have been using one for a couple years now and I don't think I could go back to a brush. It just goes on so smooth and dries flawlessly! A must try in my book :)

  4. I love the first look, that red lip is perfect!

  5. I love these looks! So sleek and classic, plus the red lip is A+++



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