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Dec 21, 2015

Stein Grey Overcoat
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Grey coat and pants outfit
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grey overcoat: shein c/o // denim jacket: zara (similar style) // turtleneck: nordstrom
pants: nordstrom // shoes: zara (old, love these) // sunglasses: quay // lipstick: nars liv

Hey Monday! The last Monday before Christmas! We are in the homestretch people. Who is ready? Not I! I mean, I think I have all the components to pull off Christmas, but nothing is put together. And I would be joking if I told you that I don't thrive under pressure. So Chris and I will very much be wrapping and assembling until the wee hours of the morning on Thursday night. But hey....we can just call that quality time right? Nothing screams I love you like fighting over who's idea it was to buy so many damn toys that need to be put together with all of their small parts and screws. True love man....

Anyway, this weekend was filled with Chris trying to convince me that my childhood was a fail because I have never seen a Star Wars film. So he ran out and bought them all on DVD, and I gave him strict instructions to bring home wine too. And that is kind of how it went, watch a movie....drink some wine. Not that I really paid attention because Odette walking, and Caspian thinking she is a teething toy doesn't leave much attention for movie details. The kids loved them, so much so that Chris ran back out and bought them lightsabers. Please don't try and tell him that Christmas is only a few days away and that they need no toys in the meantime. I clearly lost that argument. Dad is in fun dad vacation mode, which means bedtime is gone. The noise level is close to shattering my wine glasses, and the kids are loving it! 

I am loving this outfit! Grey will always be one of my favorite colors to mix and match. And I traded in my distressed jeans for a pair of speckled trousers. I wore this to a Christmas party that was more like a get in, say hello, drop off some food and a gift, kids decide this is boring, go home. Can't say I was too disappointed. I much prefer my children to be crazy in my own house. Less things to break. You know, that aren't already broken. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!! 


  1. Ah the puppy teething, we are dealing with that too :( you are a good wife for watching all those Star Wars movies!

  2. Almost shattering your wine glass. Oh girl you funny! I am sort of surprised that you haven't seen Star Wars but ah well. I'm taking Letty to see it next Saturday. Mommy daughter date style 😁



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