let's stay home

Dec 9, 2015

wildfox let's stay home sweater
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Winter Momstyle
Wildfox sweater and one teaspoon jeans
Winter Streetstyle
Wildfox Sweater
sweater: wild fox // jeans: one teaspoon // boots: zara (old, identical here) // beanie: target 
puppy: Ace's 

Baby it's cold outside, so let's stay home! I wish!! I cannot tell you how excited I am for Christmas vacation. I plan on staying home a lot. Chris has many many many other plans, but I just want to relax. Break the clean eating habits with some hot chocolate, maybe a pan of brownies or two, and I already volunteered to help Santa eat some cookies. This sweater is roomy enough for all that. Not to mention it is soft, and distressed to perfection! 

Has anyone else experienced the ripped jeans effect? You know the effect that your ripped jeans have on people. Or maybe it is just an Alaskan thing. Severe temps would make you think no exposed skin. But my logic very rarely takes to me practical places. I figure if I wear a couple layers on top and throw on some boots, that makes up for the large holes in my jeans. Did you buy that? The older gentleman in PetsMart didn't either. 

Last winter in Alaska....gotta live it up!

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  1. You are so hot! I love the look of ripped jeans!

  2. I am loving the ripped jeans look, it's so fun! Yay for Christmas vacation full of doing nothing, I think you have earned it! :)

  3. I feel like the draft would bug me. Leggings underneath? ;)

  4. I feel like if I put that sweater on I would never want to take it off... ever. It's so perfect for winter!



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